south india

  1. kulshresthazone

    Dream Trip - East coast to west coast

    Travelling bug bit me in 2010, when I went through his ladhak travel logs. Post then travelled regularly to lower the itch to bearable level. I have been planning to do coastal trip , they never got implemented. Due to covid there came an opportunity to work from home and then the trip planning...
  2. Dinesh Samuel

    Mysore to Kodaikanal road conditions

    Hi I am planning for a drive by car from Mysore to Kodaikanal, please update me with the road conditions and also some great food joints for Break fast and lunch.. Planning to start my trip by 5:30 in the morning.. Thanks and Regards..
  3. M

    ■Heavy Commercial Vehicles■

    Hellow guys... Am starting a thread to chit chat about heavy vechiles. Guys am planing to start new bus business.. Am From kerala....south india.. Now am purchsed scania14.5m leght bus... What about interstate bus business..... My queations. Which route is best route for south india to make...
  4. Ruchi Acharya

    Mahabalipuram: Taking A Print, Leaving A Print by Ruchi Acharya

    “The sea was ornamental blue starving the beachgoers to their endless desire. I remember how long I stood there in the humid light of Sun, tanning my skin until I satisfied myself completely. I was staring at the sea waves, it seems like melodious wave was welcoming On-seers, calling them to...
  5. raman mittal

    Need inputs for a 7 days plan to Kerala - Starting Bengaluru

    Hello Bcmtians, I am planning for a 7 days Kerala Trip in first week of October, hence need an itinerary for going to some off beat destinations with family. I will be starting my journey from Bangalore . Please also suggest the mode of travel e.g. Taxi, Slef Driven car, overnight buses...
  6. ManjuK

    Kerala-Tamil Nadu - West coast- Food Drive

    I was planning for a vacation and a drive along the coast came to my mind, I wanted to do this from a long time. My friends Praveen and Alan were my company. We know each other from school days at least 25 years now and we are all foodies. We decided that we will go on a food drive. The agenda...
  7. Pritam Sukumar

    Bangalore - Western Ghats - Hampi - Goa (and more!)

    During the November of 2017, I went on a month-long road trip through Karnataka and Goa. Originally planned as the starting point of an All-India trip, I ended up back in Bangalore (where I started) after a month. Riding in Karnataka and Goa is a lot of fun. The highways are nice, and the...
  8. D

    Planning a long trip across india... Need help

    Hello everyone, Its been quite a while that i have been thinking about this and now that i can take my time off from work, i am planning a trip across India covering all the states and union territories by car with my wife. I know that covering each and every state/union territory is a huge...
  9. R

    Mumbai-Rameshwaram-Pondicherry-Mumbai December 25 to Jan 1 - Possible?

    Dear All, I am planning a Drive from Mumbai to Rameshwaram during this Christmas vacation and want to include Pondicherry if possible. I will be travelling with 4-5 friends and I will be the only driver hence I prefer daytime driving only. Will avoid visiting crowded holy places which require...
  10. Shiva Sharma

    Delhi to South India By Road Jan 2017.

    Hello evryone, I am planning this trip in Coming Jan 2017 with my 2 brother on VERNA crdi 2012. We 3 are good driver. This Trip is Close To my heart. Looking here for experts to throw light on itinerary and route condition with some guidance (especially down south) on route and some of things to...
  11. mahapatra.prabhanjan

    What is the Road status from Rameswaram to Dhanuskodi?

    Hi Friends, While researching for one of the road trips to Rameswaram. I thought off to drive to Dhanuskodi with beaches on both side. But as we all know after the cyclone of 1964, Dhanuskodi turned into a Ghost town, with no connectivity. Only the 4 wheel drives are allowed to drive there...