spiti bike ride

  1. sajalsheth

    Ride To KISS

    Spiti Valley Solo Ride. " Adventuring Alone will be The Scariest , But most Liberating & Life Changing Experience of Your Life. DO IT AT LEAST ONCE ! " My name is SAJAL SHETH & My age is 53. I am a share sub-broker by profession, based in Cuttack, Odisha. This time I rode to Spiti Valley...
  2. roadhunter

    Journey of 3 corporate jokers to the land of Lamas (Spiti Ride 2019)

    Journey of 3 corporate Jokers to the land of Lamas (Spiti Ride 2019) Like most of you readers out there, I was also busy with my day to day activities since the start of 2019. Start the day by using my time & energy to earn bread by being a corporate joker ( 9 to 6 job), spending evenings with...