spiti circuit

  1. maxnagpal

    Itinerary for 10 days Spiti Trip

    Hello to all BCMTians, I am planning a 10 days tour to cover Spiti starting from Delhi (4 pax). Below is the itinerary on which I would need the experts advise in order to fine tune or amend. And also if the experts in the house can recommend stay options at these places (budget/home stays)...
  2. K

    Our Spiti Peregrination !!

    Date of commencement: 28th May 2016 Date of completion: 8th June 2016 Riders: Amit Chauhan, Varun Choudhary, Kashish Khanna, Kartik Berry Route: New Delhi - Chandigarh - Shimla -Sarahan - Sangla - Kalpa - Nako - Gue Village - Tabo - Dhankar - Kaza - Kibber - Losar - Kunzum La - Gramphu - Rohtang...
  3. P

    September Spiti ride

    Preface I did my first motorcycle ride in the Himalayas in 2016, when I rode to Ladakh along with another friend. Riding in the Himalayas is a serious addiction as I figured out. Unfortunately, for people from the south of India, it is not easy to plan a trip to the Himalayas. It takes a lot of...
  4. tusharxtreme

    Spiti Circuit| A Family trip in Ecosport

    Hey BCMtian's, I went for Spiti circuit with my parents from 2nd June to 9th June 2018. My day wise plan was as below- Day-1- Gurgaon to Rampur Bushahr Day-2- Rampur to Kalpa Day-3- Kalpa to Tabo via Nako Day-4- Tabo to Kaza via Dhankar monastery, Mud village in Pin Valley Day-5- Kaza to Kaza...
  5. K

    Delhi- Spiti- Delhi in June End

    Hi all, I have been following BCMTouring posts for a few years now to check road status and itinerary suggestions but this is my first post. I am planning to do Delhi to Spiti and back on my motorcycle starting June 21 or June 22. A friend of mine may join, but is uncertain. Wanted to check...
  6. RedBahadur

    Spiti - June '18

    i'am planning a road trip to spiti from mumbai in the first half of june '18. anyone else wanting to team up, anywhere along the route, as a convoy please drop me a line. thank you.
  7. Hellrider

    Zero Bhp on The Tribal Belt of Himanchal - Kinnaur and Lahaul-Spiti

    Recently, I had the opportunity to revisit the enchanting landscape of Kinnaur, Lahaul-Spiti for 9 days, covering oddly 716 kms on my bicyle (Spartan). This report will provide a clear account of road conditions in the tribal areas of Himanchal and what lies within. The details are presented...
  8. Ranjeet Singh

    Spiti Travel Partner

    Dear BCMTians, A friend of mine is looking for another couple to share cab that they hired on their trip to Spiti from Chandigarh. Its an Innova. 11-19 August Chd - Kalpa - Spiti - Manali - Chd 4 seats (couple or family) available. Please msg your contact on my email: [email protected]