spiti in june

  1. A

    Looking for Travel Partner || Manali <=> Kaza || 24th <=> 26th June 2018

    Hi All, I am planning for trip to Kaza, below is the itinerary: June 23rd: Manali June 24th: Leave for Kaza June 25th: Kaza June 26th: Leave for Manali I am looking for travel partners for Manali to Kaza on June 24th and Kaza to Manali on June 26th. As known the route to the destination is...
  2. K

    Delhi- Spiti- Delhi in June End

    Hi all, I have been following BCMTouring posts for a few years now to check road status and itinerary suggestions but this is my first post. I am planning to do Delhi to Spiti and back on my motorcycle starting June 21 or June 22. A friend of mine may join, but is uncertain. Wanted to check...
  3. RedBahadur

    Spiti - June '18

    i'am planning a road trip to spiti from mumbai in the first half of june '18. anyone else wanting to team up, anywhere along the route, as a convoy please drop me a line. thank you.