spiti in october

  1. seshadri

    Rent Motorbike for Spiti valley from Delhi

    Hi All, I would like to rent a motorbike (preference: Pulsar 200NS) from delhi to travel Spiti valley in october. Please suggest me from where I can get a good condition motorbike. Please be specific about shop name/person name.(I have already googled but didn't find any reliable option) Warm...
  2. Rohit Kothari

    Spiti in October first week, need inputs

    Hello fellow tourers I am thinking of exploring spiti during first week of october. would possibly have 9 days in hand in case leaves are approved. My main concern is - accom availability.Specially since I plan to start from Delhi on 30th (dussera). I am aware about rush of bengal tour groups...
  3. Hellrider

    Zero Bhp on The Tribal Belt of Himanchal - Kinnaur and Lahaul-Spiti

    Recently, I had the opportunity to revisit the enchanting landscape of Kinnaur, Lahaul-Spiti for 9 days, covering oddly 716 kms on my bicyle (Spartan). This report will provide a clear account of road conditions in the tribal areas of Himanchal and what lies within. The details are presented...