1. rameshtahlan

    Snow Leopard, Chicham, Spiti Valley, May/Jun 2022

    Everything time I planned Spiti Valley, I would always miss out on Dhankar, Mud and Chandratal for what ever reason. Finally I found someone who wants to do the same road trip as me. Cheers. So it is Anand Bawa, who is from Raipur, he will be driving with a friend from Raipur, 1,200km to Delhi...
  2. Prajakt_23

    Living my Himalayan Road trip dream - Pune-Spiti-Pune circuit

    Dear All, I had recently been on a road trip to Spiti circuit. Drove from Pune to Shimla, Narkanda, Sarhan, Sangla, Chitkul, Kalpa, Tabo, Kaza, Hikkim, Komic, Lagnza, Chandratal, Manali and back to Pune. Journey spread across 6 states and around 5000 kms. Loads of memories and captures to share...
  3. roadhunter

    Journey of 3 corporate jokers to the land of Lamas (Spiti Ride 2019)

    Journey of 3 corporate Jokers to the land of Lamas (Spiti Ride 2019) Like most of you readers out there, I was also busy with my day to day activities since the start of 2019. Start the day by using my time & energy to earn bread by being a corporate joker ( 9 to 6 job), spending evenings with...
  4. trivedidarshak

    Trip to North India for the love of Mountains

    Dear Members, Planning for a 8nights-9days trip to spiti but need suggestions to compose the itinerary. We have full moon approaching on 14th of September 2019 and i would like to have the night spent chandrataal lake (in the near by camps) to have a lifetime experience to stay in stars on a...
  5. gauravtalan

    Kinnaur & Spiti Roadtrip with a 2 year old baby

    We often ponder and worry if we should take our little ones (as young as 2 year olds) to high altitude destinations. I hope this travelogue will help many parents who are in a similar dilemma and want to travel to places like Ladakh and Spiti with thier young kids. We travelled to Spiti with our...
  6. samrohi

    Karizma R - Front forks replacement

    Hello BCMTians! I will treasure some advice here. I am taking my beloved Karizma R to Spiti again but not without a change of the front shockers/ forks. Does anyone have any expertise or experience with the alternative for them apart from stock OEMs. I watched a couple of videos on youtube where...
  7. K

    Our Spiti Peregrination !!

    Date of commencement: 28th May 2016 Date of completion: 8th June 2016 Riders: Amit Chauhan, Varun Choudhary, Kashish Khanna, Kartik Berry Route: New Delhi - Chandigarh - Shimla -Sarahan - Sangla - Kalpa - Nako - Gue Village - Tabo - Dhankar - Kaza - Kibber - Losar - Kunzum La - Gramphu - Rohtang...
  8. gauravtalan

    Suggestions: Spiti Circuit with my 2 year old daughter

    Dear all, I'm planning the spiti circuit this summer with my family. My 2 year old daughter will also be with us, so planning this in advance. I'm planning to start from Delhi around 15th June and will be driving a Renault Duster 85 ps. If Kunzum pass opens by the time I reach Losar, I will...
  9. P

    September Spiti ride

    Preface I did my first motorcycle ride in the Himalayas in 2016, when I rode to Ladakh along with another friend. Riding in the Himalayas is a serious addiction as I figured out. Unfortunately, for people from the south of India, it is not easy to plan a trip to the Himalayas. It takes a lot of...
  10. T

    Winter Spiti in Dec-Jan 2018/19

    Hello Friends, I am planning for a winter trip to Spiti this year around Christmas and New Year. We will be travelling from Vadodara (Gujarat) to Kaza. We are a group of four friends, who all can drive. Since we have planned deliberately this trip during winters, we do expect heavy snow and...
  11. vishwa

    Where is the origin of river spiti?

    It shows on Google map that the river takes a U turn before kunkum pass but after crossing NH 505 it is shown as river spiti tributary. Hope to get clarity on this here.
  12. seshadri

    Rent Motorbike for Spiti valley from Delhi

    Hi All, I would like to rent a motorbike (preference: Pulsar 200NS) from delhi to travel Spiti valley in october. Please suggest me from where I can get a good condition motorbike. Please be specific about shop name/person name.(I have already googled but didn't find any reliable option) Warm...
  13. jin

    Ladakh Spiti circuit suggestions needed

    Hi All, I am planning ladakh and spiti circuit from friday. Below is the tentative iternary which I think is a bit exhaustive at some places and lean in some. I am not quite certain about the roads so need suggestions for the changes in this itenary. 29 June - Gurgaon - manali 30 June -...
  14. K

    Delhi- Spiti- Delhi in June End

    Hi all, I have been following BCMTouring posts for a few years now to check road status and itinerary suggestions but this is my first post. I am planning to do Delhi to Spiti and back on my motorcycle starting June 21 or June 22. A friend of mine may join, but is uncertain. Wanted to check...
  15. D

    Help need for Narkanda-Kaza-rohtang-manali Cirucuit

    Dear Friends I'm leaving from Jaipur on 3/Jun/2018 Early morning for 7 days trip vehicle : willys jeep (Toyota engine 2c Turbo) Members : 4 (Adults-Male) here is my trip plan Please help me with hotels and stops this is my first trip to North India
  16. E

    Urgent: Trip to Ladakh / Spiti / Arunachal / North-East from June 1, 2018

    Planning a 11-13 nights road trip from Delhi starting June 1, 2018 (with wife, 2 kids – 10 yrs and 4 yrs) in Toyota Innova (automatic, 2.8L diesel, Sep-2018 model). This is the most ambitious family trip we are planning in terms of terrains, duration etc., though we are regular with short 2-5...
  17. SJM1214

    Spiti Trip July-2012: A Photolouge.

    I travelled Leh during August 2009. It was a very old dream. How old? Well, I was aware of some region named Ladakh (90s) but never came across any pics. During 1998 I got a chance to watch Dil Se Movie. Leh and surrounding area were amazingly captured in this movie. I decided then and there...
  18. Rohit Kothari

    Spiti in October first week, need inputs

    Hello fellow tourers I am thinking of exploring spiti during first week of october. would possibly have 9 days in hand in case leaves are approved. My main concern is - accom availability.Specially since I plan to start from Delhi on 30th (dussera). I am aware about rush of bengal tour groups...
  19. Hellrider

    Zero Bhp on The Tribal Belt of Himanchal - Kinnaur and Lahaul-Spiti

    Recently, I had the opportunity to revisit the enchanting landscape of Kinnaur, Lahaul-Spiti for 9 days, covering oddly 716 kms on my bicyle (Spartan). This report will provide a clear account of road conditions in the tribal areas of Himanchal and what lies within. The details are presented...
  20. Pranav Parekh

    Need a travel partner for Spiti or Leh between 28 Sep to 12 Oct

    Hi Guys, I am travelling from Mumbai and have been planning a solo and a tight budget trip to Spiti or Leh between 28 Sep to 13 Oct. I am looking for a travel partner who can reduce the overall cost of the trip. My itinerary is pretty much flexible at this point. If you are interested...