1. T

    Trip to spiti

    Can anyone plz suggest on which route we shoukd go to go spiti by manali or by shimla? We are plan to travel in 13th May 17. How much cost per person is road trip to leh from manali.
  2. Ishant Sharma

    Winter Ride To Spiti Valley On Activa-125

    Hello Everyone, Greetings! I am Ishant Sharma from Meerut, U.P. Recently I did a trip to spiti valley on my Activa-125 with a fellow traveler from 15th march 2017 to 21st march 2017. This was my first trip with a total stranger. Here are a few glimpses of my trip. Hope you guys will like it! I...
  3. Ishant Sharma

    Spiti Valley Till Kaza Ride

    Hello I am a solo traveller riding on my Activa-125 on around 15th March, if anyone would like to join me can message me on my contact number. It will be 6-7 days trip...4 days to reach kaza and explore 5 & 6 days to reach home. My starting point is Meerut. Day-1 Meerut to Narkand Day-2...
  4. CharlieKilo

    Bir Valley or Spiti Valley? Help Needed.

    Hello, Me and my friends are planning for a trip in our college semester break but are thoroughly confused as to where to go. Initially the plan was that we will go to Amritsar, leaving Jaipur at 23rd of May and reaching Amritsar by 1100hrs on the same day. We were supposed to be joined by a few...
  5. tusharxtreme

    The Middle Land- Spiti,June 2016, Video Log

    Hi Bcmtian's, Starting with a Video Log of the journey to the "Middle Land". Will be uploading videos of the Journey undertaken to the Spiti valley Circuit in June 2016. So here is the Day 2 of the Spiti Circuit. Part-1 Rampur to Kazigs Part-2 Kazigs to Nako Would be Updating as an...
  6. deepakdilme

    My Motorcycle rides and Travel tips | Videos |

    Friends creating this thread to showcase my motorcycle rides and travel tips In form of videos from All over India.Hope you all will enjoy the videos...cheers. Here's first one from my All India ride A teaser
  7. raghujamwal

    Solo ride to Saach Pass, Spiti, and Kinnaur - 15 days, 14 nights

    At the very beginning , I would first like to confess that I have been away from this wonderful forum for quite sometime now and much water has flown under the bridge since then. After coming back, i realize how much i missed it but I have been on a lot of trips the time I have been away, so...
  8. adyscorpius

    Sept'16: Spiti Circuit / Chandratal Lake on a Yamaha R3

    So its that time on the forum when I'm ready to create a worthy thread. Worthy, because while I've done several trips in the past, none of them match the level of experience on this forum. All those rides fall pale in comparison. But not this one. This is a travelogue of a trip that started at...
  9. P

    Spiti in August exMumbai by Car

    I am planning to do a 11 days Spiti trip in August 2016 Duration: 11 days Tentative dates: between 22nd august 2016 to 3rd september 2016. Vehicle: SX4 Planned /itinerary: Day 1 & 2: Mumbai to Shimla Day 3: Shimla Kufri Narkhand Jeori Saharan Day 4: Saharan - Sangla - Chiktul -...
  10. Vkclicks

    Extreme but Beautiful - Spiti Valley Ride 2016

    Spiti Valley Bike Ride Itinerary Spiti Valley Bike Ride Itinerary Motorbike world is like ocean and I am small drop of that ocean and I consider myself as a biker enthusiast. Like every bike enthusiast loves to ride on his beloved bike, I am also one of them. In 2013 I did Leh-Ladakh on my...
  11. torquedos

    Help required on Spiti - August 2016

    Hey guys! Did a quick dash through Spiti last year on my 200 Ns and since Lahaul Valley was still secluded off the world, has to go via Reckong and come back. Now the pulsar had been traded for a 2015 Royal Enfield Standard 500 and the Spiti bug is biting again. The only catch being 8 days...
  12. richaverma

    Travel partners needed for Spiti Circuit starting July 10 to July 17

    Hi I had a plan to do a Trek in Kashmir starting July 9 to July 15, but unfortunately due to some terrorist activity there had to cancel it at last moment. Since my bag is packed and leaves are approved, thinking about a plan B and Spiti looks lucrative option to me. July 10 : Delhi to Manali...
  13. csingh4183

    Spiti Safari Jun-2016

    Hello Friends, I am back from my journey to Heaven through Hell. Yes you have to pass through some of the most treacherous roads to reach Heaven. Here are few teaser pics
  14. F

    1,700 km, 10 days, 6 rivers, 4 valleys and 2 passes later…

    Whoever said “all the best laid plans of mice and men go awry” was probably predicting what would happen to our plans to travel to Spiti. Our plan did not go awry but it did change in unexpected ways. It all started out with a phone call to my longtime friend (and BCM’er), Indian Traveler (IT)...
  15. Utkarsh Trivedi

    Trip to Mystical Land - Spiti

    Rudyard Kipling described Spiti Valley in below words: “At last they entered a world - a valley of leagues where the high hills were fashioned of the mere rubble and refuse from off the knees of the mountains... Surely the Gods live here. Beaten down by the silence and the appalling sweep of...
  16. S

    Couple travelling to Spiti in last week of june/early july

    Hi, We are a couple planning to make a week long trip to spiti in last week of june. I will be travelling from chennai reaching delhi via flight and my trip starts from there. if any couple is willing in to accomodate us we are willing to share the travel cost. else i plan to reach manali via...
  17. akm_9090

    Swiftly spitified

    Firstly I would like to thanks Master ji (Narender Gautam) and RT Sir (Ramesh Tahlan) for updating me on the road status and terrain. Kaza was my dream destination after completing Leh (twice), Badrinath and Gangotri. My plan was to cover Leh again on this trip but there was a sudden change of...
  18. Sudersan

    Spiti Happened....!

    One hot day in May '15 i had a random thought.. Why not celebrate my birthday in Pangong Tso, with complete strangers for company and not one known soul....... A wise man once said, "life is what happens when we are busy planning something else"! True, if u d ask me..! The Milky Way spreading...
  19. J

    Parang La - A trek startings from spiti ending at Tso moriri Ladkh(Max height 18300ft)

    Hi fellow trekkers. If any one interested in high altitude trekking in spiti region, then this is a best chance. So it is exploratory trek, thats why trek fee not mentioned. All expenense will be divided by participants. I m going to join. Please check this...
  20. Equations

    A 'Holi' Ride to Frozen Spiti

    Same man, same machine at the same place after 11 years.