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    Visit to World’s Tallest Statue “Statue of Unity” Gujarat

    The Statue of Unity is the world’s tallest statue located in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is a tribute to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, one of India’s most important freedom fighters and political leaders. The statue stands at a height of 182 meters, making it the tallest statue in the world...
  2. Dowsarpandi

    The Successor goes far finally from south to west!! - A tale of Ecosport drive to the statue of Unity (Kevadiya, Gujarat)..

    My last long drive was in January 2015, when we relocated from Delhi to south. Ever since, the driving holidays have almost disappeared, but for a few here and there off which none of them could be called a genuine long drive. In between, Ecosport was bought as successor in quest to do longer...
  3. Dowsarpandi

    A Visit to World’s tallest statue - The statue of Unity, Kevadiya, Gujarat

    India is the home of world’s tallest statue as on date. The statue of Shri. Vallabhai Patel, the first home minister and deputy prime minister of the country post independence was constructed and opened to the public in late 2018. It has been named as the “Statue of Unity” , crediting the man...
  4. prashraj

    Summer Vacation trip: Meerut to Kanyakumari (June - July' 2020)

    Hello friends, I am planning my dream visit to Kanyakumari in summer vacation of 2020. I will be driving 2013 Ford Classic, beside me there are three travelers , my wife and 2 kids age 12 and 9 years. I am used to long drives due to work, mostly to Agra and Lucknow every month. Since this is my...
  5. pandit101

    Solo ride to "Statue of Unity" and Mumbai from Gurgaon...a Photolog

    Hello Everyone, My Name is Abhinav, this is the first time I am posting on BCM, although have been following this forum for very long now. Posting some of the pics i had clicked during the ride. I was actually travelling for official work for a week and had couple of days (Weekends) in hand...