1. P

    Tent stays at Jispa

    HI, Planning a bike trip second week of September'19. At Jispa, any recommendations on tent stays? Do I go and search them out or is there any option to book in advance?
  2. Roxx

    Free halt/stay for bikers riding to/from Leh/Himachal..! (Private Room in Ahmedabad)

    Hello everyone... Roxx here from Ahmedabad, just renovated my room, got new tiles and so.. and i am thinking to help bikers by providing free stay or night halt at my home. I will try to provide free breakfast too, but cant promise as of now. Well, here it goes: -Room is on 1st floor with small...
  3. manav verma

    ladhak visitors

    hi I have two questions in my mind---- 1 ) How many bikers are visiting srinagar leh route and let manual route yearly.. winter and summer? 2) What are the common difficulties on these routes like budget stay , budget eateries . mechanics and any other you have experienced?