stok kangri

  1. rals.aro

    Mt. Stok Kangri Expedition

    Prologue | Contemplation If I told you I felt nervous, unsure, feeble and muddled, I’d be understating my state of existence. If anything at all, I was vigorously numb. After having shared countless breaths with the treacherous side of the mountain, I believe penning down the emotions is beyond...
  2. T

    Markha and Stok Kangri

    Posting on behalf of my husband. He has 8 days in Leh (excluding the acclimatization days) and am planning to do Markha valley and Stok Kangri Summit treks in this duration. Plan is to travel light (no tent, sleeping bag, cooking) and will be dependent on homestays/tea houses on the way. Need...
  3. thefirstthambi

    April in Ladakh - a Challenging month for visitors and locals alike

    As some of friends here would remember, we lived two full years in Ladakh (Leh to be precise+local trips here and there........ details HERE) and have made numerous trips to that majestic land beyond the stay period. During winters of 2009-10, we had a historic snowfall on 10th of Nov 2009- so...