tamil nadu

  1. Motopsycho

    Enchanting Tamil Nadu-Cultural,Heritage and Food Tour-A vlog

    A virtual cultural and heritage tour of the most visited state in India- Tamil Nadu. Part I Known to be one of the oldest civilizations in the world, the people of Tamil Nadu belong to the prestigious Dravidian Family. Tamilians also, like other South Indians, take much pride in their rooted...
  2. Ruchi Acharya

    Mahabalipuram: Taking A Print, Leaving A Print by Ruchi Acharya

    “The sea was ornamental blue starving the beachgoers to their endless desire. I remember how long I stood there in the humid light of Sun, tanning my skin until I satisfied myself completely. I was staring at the sea waves, it seems like melodious wave was welcoming On-seers, calling them to...
  3. ManjuK

    Kerala-Tamil Nadu - West coast- Food Drive

    I was planning for a vacation and a drive along the coast came to my mind, I wanted to do this from a long time. My friends Praveen and Alan were my company. We know each other from school days at least 25 years now and we are all foodies. We decided that we will go on a food drive. The agenda...
  4. Lokesh Sharma

    Tamil Nadu (18 Dec- 3 Jan)

    We (I and a girl) are seasoned bagpackers and have booked our flight tickets for the historical & mesmerizing Tamil Nadu, which we intend to explore. We will land in Madurai on 18th and cover mostly the eastern side of the state including Rameshwaram, Dhanushkodi, Thanjavur, Mahabalpuram...
  5. rohitbhat

    Pondicherry Queries

    Hi everyone, Travel dates : May 28th(Friday) to June 5th(Sunday) Two of us are planning to visit Pondicherry on resp. dates given above from Mumbai. We will be travelling by motorcycle. I am aware about the weather at the given period of time, but it doesn't matter. ~:What all places one must...