1. sukantasarangi

    Another Exciting Tour in Odisha with Honda Activa 5G

    Some Teasers: Places Visit in this tour: Astasambhu Temple, Kualo, Dhenkanal, Odisha Shobhaneswar Shiva Temple, Niali, Cuttack, Odisha Madhab Jew Temple, Niali, Cuttack, Odisha Barahi Temple, Chaurasi, Puri, Odisha Siruli Hanuman Temple, Puri, Odisha Maa Ugratara Temple...
  2. Sayantan.geo

    How Hashtags are destroying Chitkul

    The trip to Chitkul, Himachal Pradesh three years ago is still sweet in my mind, but the recent one barely a week ago is not so, because I see a change and it’s not a pleasant one- Let me explain. I visited Chitkul, the tiny village in the lap of Himalayas, first time in 2014 and then in 2016...
  3. Ruchi Acharya

    Mahabalipuram: Taking A Print, Leaving A Print by Ruchi Acharya

    “The sea was ornamental blue starving the beachgoers to their endless desire. I remember how long I stood there in the humid light of Sun, tanning my skin until I satisfied myself completely. I was staring at the sea waves, it seems like melodious wave was welcoming On-seers, calling them to...
  4. alisa

    Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary (Part-I)

    A sanctuary in eastern highland region, covering it with lush green dazzling deciduous forest, was my destination for the day- the Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary. Googled, binged, searched rigorously to find out more about it, but got nothing. Hence the ultimate solution to know about a place is to...
  5. sukantasarangi

    My Recent Trip To Gupteswar Cave Temple, Koraput

    After a long time, me and my family decide to take a tour. Last few months is a very busy months for me as i have to work up to 9am to 2am on regular basis. So we decided that as Saturday is a half working day for me and Sunday is a Holiday, so we as family should go to any place to refresh...