1. K

    Bike Transport from New Delhi to Srinagar-Reg

    Hi, I am coming from Chennai and plan to take my bike to Leh Ladakh for my travel. My plan for transport is to send to New Delhi and from there take an overnight bus to Srinagar. The only buses that ply are by Jammu and Kashmir Transport Corporation(JKTC). Do these buses allow for bike transport...
  2. justin6003

    Buying XUV500- advise plz

    Dear All, Kindly advice me on the following doubts. I’m planning to buy a 2011/12 model XUV500 from Mumbai. I’m having an address proof at Mumbai, however, I’m currently based at Cochin and got my permanent address in Kerala. For the time being I’ll be based at Cochin only( my Main intention is...