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    Odisha – India’s Best Kept Secret

    Odisha – India’s Best Kept Secret. This line we read while we were crossing Odisha in 2020 on our 9000 KM road trip. We wanted to explore Odisha at that time but almost everything was closed due to COVID restrictions. Deep in our hearts, we wanted to travel to Odisha to have the darshan of...
  2. Ride with Raj

    Pune-Goa-Pune..Year End Bike Trip

    Welcome to my blog. The last couple of months of 2018 proved to be the best months from the travel perspective. You might have checked by last blog if not here is the link to that Bhandardhara-Tryamabakeshwar-Ellora As the year end approached me and my roommate decided to travel again. We did...
  3. Ride with Raj

    Bike trip - ( Pune to Bhandardhara, Trayambakeshwar and Ellora caves )

    Hi Friends, Welcome to my second travel blog This year did not go well from the prospect of travelling. I usually go out for a tour with my friends once in year but this year no such tours could be fulfilled. With the year end approaching I and my roommate Ujjwal decided to do a bike trip...
  4. Ride with Raj

    Tarkarli- a calm and peaceful destination

    Welcome to my first travel blog. It's not the first time i am travelling, but the first time I want to pen down my travels. Travelling has always fascinated me. It gives me a new wave of energy to rejuvenate myself from the daily hectic schedule of my life. Being an employee with a work shift...