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  1. T

    Odisha – India’s Best Kept Secret

    Odisha – India’s Best Kept Secret. This line we read while we were crossing Odisha in 2020 on our 9000 KM road trip. We wanted to explore Odisha at that time but almost everything was closed due to COVID restrictions. Deep in our hearts, we wanted to travel to Odisha to have the darshan of...
  2. Sam231276

    My Ladakh Trip | September 2021

    PROLOGUE - Ever since am into Motorcycle Touring, I have always been asked by different people from time to time - "Have you ever been to Ladakh" ? Till this trip, my answer has been a NO from my end, followed by a troll / astonishment from the other side with an underlying question - "Ladakh...
  3. wonderfull

    Indian Railways travel experience

    Can anyone tell about the experience of traveling on Indian Railways after corona virus pandemic?