travel plan

  1. ayy

    Where can I solo travel for November 2021? #Workation

    Preferred Locations: UP-MP, Goa-Karnataka or Up north. I would prefer lesser crowded places, with budget expenditure on stay and travel. I work flexible so don't make point-to-point itineraries, just keep working or moving as time permits. Spent 20 days in Gujarat in September, really amazing...
  2. C

    Advice Needed on travel problems

    What is a bigger travel problem according to you- Discovering a travel place or Planning a trip?
  3. P

    Hyderabad - Chennai Round Trip

    Hi can anybody suggest the best road way and the road details for a trip to Chennai. In terms of 4 Lane / 2 Lane Aprox Tolls I see 2 routes to Chennai from hyderabad. One route is Via Nalgonda - Ongole - Nellore - Chennai Other one is Via Kurnool - Kadapa - Tirupati - Chennai Thanks in advance.
  4. ameliebrown

    Best tourist places in india

    Hi, I want to travel Hilly places with friends. Can any one suggest best places to visit without much walking ,full of nature than adventure . Need right guidence please.
  5. Dev Dahiya

    Travelling to Leh-ladakh

    Hello everyone, Any issues if the car I am driving to Ladakh (private vehicle) isn't registered in my name? Looking to trade my Honda City with a friends ecosport for this trip.
  6. ameliebrown

    Abu Dhabi day trip

    Any regulars done trip ??? I was looking at booking a tour with Arabian adventures but not sure if it's too much to do in one day and you don't get a proper feel for the place. Any tips / help would be much appreciated Thanks
  7. Pankaj Zarekar

    North India itinerary help- UK/HP

    Hi, We would be doing a North India road trip after June this year. We will be traveling in 2 XUVs (each has odo reading ~15k), 4 drivers (2 of them are primary with ability to drive for 500-600km on highways per day, remaining 2 are as backup those can be used to relieve primary ones for...