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    Watching the sky from another sky - West and South Sikkim

    I know the title itself will make you angry with me thinking “not again, Sikkim!” This time I have a better reason for you. One of my uncle was very frequent traveler of Sikkim and North Bengal in his young age. Asking him the reason, I heard few words from him, which I will never forget. Sikkim...
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    Expedition through the trekking trail - Nepal

    The converging road stud reflector glittering at night admires me. It reminds me of the mathematical theorem, two parallel lines converge and meet at infinity and I am constantly moving towards that infinity trip by trip. If you have gone through my Bhutan trip...
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    Drive to North Sikkim to relive the golden pages of my diary

    :cop: Caution !!! To many pictures. This travelogue could appear more of a comparative type because I could not stop myself from pondering over the past times when we have visited the same place around the same time of the year in 2013. Thanks to Sandip (my companion in the bike trip) for...
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    Photolog of 24 Hours in the Western Ghats - Mahabaleshwar

    Distance from Pune - 120KM Total ODO reading - 330KM which includes most o the attraction points. Trip Duration - 24 Hour. Saturday 2:30PM to Sunday 2:30 PM. At Mapro Strawberry Factory At Mapro Strawberry Factory At Mapro Strawberry Factory Sunset Point at...
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    Sunrise to Sunset in the Lap of Himalayas- Old Silk Route and Gnathang

    It is not the first time, but it is just another way of enjoying Sikkim at winter. My previous travelogue http://www.bcmtouring.com/forums/threads/the-hidden-paradise-with-splendid-beauty-and-sparkling-lakes-%E2%80%93-arunachal.65681/ is not completed yet but another comes in the queue. ](*,) ...
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    The hidden paradise with splendid beauty and sparkling lakes – Arunachal

    I have visited many places and closely interacted with localities. The more I travel the more I am addicted towards visiting adoring places. I can quote that a well blend of people, food, scenic beauty and cozy weather together makes the place perfect to release accumulated dearth of pleasure in...