1. M

    Michelin Sirac Street 110/90 tubeless tyre touching issue for Classic 350

    Hi All, Recently I have changed my classiC 350 rear tyre with Michelin Sirac Street tubeless and had very bad experience because it's touching somewhere ,may be mudguard or swing arm . Asked to RE mechanic and he try to fix it by widing the mudguard and taken bike spring one level up. But still...
  2. D

    Tyre - Goodyear Efficient Grip SUV

    Guys, Need your inputs - I am looking for feedback or inputs for the new tyres for my Terrano. I am not looking at any size upgrades. Current is MRF Wanderer Sport, with second set. As I indicated earlier I have 2 tyres which are worn out [pre-mature wear out at 34 k km] and 3rd has got a stone...
  3. C

    Need suggestions for Tyre upgrade on Suzuki GS150R

    Hello everyone, I have a Suzuki GS150R and it has just completed the 25000km mark on the ODO and is in need of a tyre upgrade. Current setup is as follows: Front : 2.75-18 [Zapper FS] Rear : 100/90-18 [Zapper Y] Firstly, I'd like to upgrade the Front to a 3.00 and the Rear to a 110/80 >...
  4. N

    My Discovery 125ST back tyre have to change Please suggest me

    Please suggest me anyone... I want to change my Discovery 125ST rear tyre with increasable width. I don't know the measurements of existing trye and i want to increase the width of my rear tyre... Please anyone suggest me... No problem about milage and i just want to install the best suitable...
  5. Wewake

    Need Tyre For Apache RTR 160 (2014) Also Chainset.. Help

    Kindly Help me in getting my bike fit and fine... plz tell me about the best tubeless tyre for replacing my rear tyre...also mechanic says that it requires a new chainset as already 2 years are over and chain set of bike is giving some problems....please help... I am new to all the mechanisms of...
  6. him4133

    can 3.00 x 18inch tyre upgraded to more fat tyre...

    my bike is hero glamour i wanna increase tyre fatness can i do that ....i gonna buy new one(both tyre)...suggest some tyre