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  1. D

    Payment of Octroi when getting the Bike inside Old Mumbai

    Hello everyone, I just got my UP registered bike, Apache RTR, transported to Mumbai from Uttar Pradesh(UP). I wanted to know whether i might need to pay Octroi tax when i am riding the bike and entering in Old Mumbai. If yes, then how much is the rate of tax in Mumbia, Will they provide a...
  2. Nilanjan Ray

    Dudhwa National Park: A Short Photologue

    Dudhwa. The land of grasslands, swamps and tall sal trees. Renowned for its rich fauna, including swamp deer, Indian rhinos and huge tigers. And for the conservation efforts of Billy Arjan Singh, who was somewhat of a tiger himself. Frederick Walter Champion, the pioneer of wildlife photography...
  3. O

    Kanpur to Shahdol

    I wanted to know the best way for travelling from Kanpur (UP) to Shahdol (MP) by car.