1. Utkarsh Trivedi

    Bike Ride to Uttarakhand

    Dear Fellow Travellers, I have a training to attend in Delhi during second week of February. I was planning to have a bike ride to Uttarakhand post training. I have zeroed down to Binsar. Suggestions for budgeted accomodation in binsar are required. Further, I had an option of Harsil for the...
  2. Yogesh Sarkar

    Wandering diary; Delhi–Rampur–Haldwani–Dehradun–Delhi in 39 hours

    I love to travel and indulge in photography. And I love to travel for photography. However, as much as I love to travel and do photography, there is nothing like wandering. Whether it is riding aimlessly without any set destination in or out of the city or hopping on the first bus the heart...
  3. jjamwal

    Rishikesh, Chakrata accommodations ?

    I may be going for 5-8 days trip to Rishikesh and maybe Chakrata or some other nearby place next week. Traveling by train and bus and no accommodations booked yet. I have already done Chopata Tungnath trek and don't want to repeat that. So I have following queries: 1) Any good place to stay...
  4. R

    Uttarakhand and Nepal expedition

    Hi All, I am planning to visit Uttarakhand and Nepal on First two weeks of September 2017. Planning to bring my Bull to Delhi via train and return from Patna the same way. So I will be able to get 10 days to move from Delhi to Patna through UTK & Nepal. I have made a brief itinerary for the...
  5. MidnightEvil Parth

    Two wheels and the lakes of Uttarakhand.

    A new member to bcmtouring and have been a member of xbhp since quite a good time, but never got the time to post a travelogue. With this being my first write-up, forget me for any mistakes which may have crept in. Introduction So, it was the morning of April 15, 2017. A Saturday. I had just...
  6. ak72

    Ride to Kausani, Munsiyari & Kasardevi from Delhi

    Hi Friends Finally did Munsiyari, a long pending trip, in my bucket list on my RE TB 350. I was accompanied by my colleague Harsh, on a Avenger Street 220. The planned iternary was 9th Feb - Delhi to Kausani 10th Feb - Kausani to Munsiyari 11th Feb - Munsiyari to Kasardevi 12th Feb -...
  7. Yogesh Sarkar

    First trip to Garhwal; Harsil and Gangotri in Winter

    Prologue Second month of 2017 was coming to an end and I hadn’t yet traveled anywhere this year. So something had to be done about it. I needed to fix the mistake and set the tone for rest of the year. So after a lot of thinking, I zeroed in on Garhwal. Mainly because I hadn’t gone beyond...
  8. ak72

    Munsiyari ride

    Folks Planning for a motorcycle ride to Munsiyari from Delhi, from 26th Jan to 29th, on a RE. Plan Day 1 - Delhi to Kausani or Binsar Day 2 - to Munsiyari Day 3 - Munsiyari to Kasardevi Day 4 - Kasardevi to Delhi I have a another guy travelling but may drop out due to health Cheers Ajay Kamath
  9. sporadic

    Elusive Munsiyari, Finally!

    A place mentioned in whispers A dream dreamt in silence A journey stuck your consciousness A destination that seemed out of reach and then magic happened ...
  10. M

    Best place to witness Snowfall in last week of January

    Hello, I have been exploring some places to withness snowfall in the last week of this month. Leh was first option but itis too cold and harsh. I would prefer a warm bed to sleep in the night. So, a bit of affordable luxury would be highly preferred. How about 1. Gulmarg / Srinagar ? 2...
  11. CrestlessWave

    To Mountains where my soul belongs: Uttarakhand|Kausani|Bageshwar|Munsyari

    Preview: ___________________________________ Preface: What it takes to realize everything is fine around you? A solo trip to the mountains, where your soul dwells in the echoes of the winds that carry fragments of clouds with them. What it takes to realize world is going back to chaos...
  12. W

    Looking for travel partner for Har ki Dun trek starting 21 Sept 2016

    I'm planning a solo lodge based trek to Har ki Dun trek in last week Sept 2016. I plan to take a porter and mule to ride if required. Stay will be in Forest rest house (preferably) in Taluka, Osla and HKD. Transport from Dehradun to Sankri will be by hired cab/Sumo, else bus. 19-Sep...
  13. amit kakkar

    Off-roading & trekking adventure, Uttarakhand

    I along with Sanjay decided to drive a two wheeler to some place not much explored, so finally we zeroed down to scale the top of a mountain which once became the headache of a town in Uttarakhand called Uttarkashi, few years back huge landsliding started from this mountain and the stones...
  14. Alpha

    Himalayan Wanderings: May 2015 - May 2017

    BCM Touring has been a constant part of my life since I joined his forum in January 2010. However for past one year, almost, I had stayed away from it, at times purposefully and while majorly wok pressure did not allowed. Further, health concerns and other issues also consumed my mind space...
  15. Suresh C Sharma

    Mastura Birders Camp (Chopta, Uttarakhand) 23rd May 2016 - 27th May 2016

    23rd May 2016 Left Sonepat, my town, at 4.30 AM and reached Kund (near Kedarnath) by 4 PM, where due to cloudburst near Tala village and heavy downpour, road was blocked at several places, stayed at village Padali (before Mastura) at Devendra Singh Rana's home stay. 24th May 2016 Road was...
  16. M

    Delhi to Harsil in First week Of June 2016

    We, a family of four planning a trip to Harsil in self driven Alto. Pl. help to plan the trip regarding the route, condition of roads, stay options . The number of days available are 5 - 7 , can be extended. Specially where to break the journey keeping in mind the kids and also we want to enjoy...
  17. N

    Need advice on route planning: Pune to Uttarakhand

    Hi, Planning a drive to Uttarakhand from Pune. Have to pass through Bareilly for a personal visit. Need advice on the following 1. Closest route is Pune, Indore, Bareilly. How is the condition of the road? and what average speeds that one can get? I am a safe driver. How is the Pune, Ahmedabad...
  18. Sushant Pandey

    Navigatio: Chakrata - Jan 2016

    My friend Gaurav bought an S-Cross and as soon as he did, we decided that she would not be a virgin for more than a week. So we went to a small and quick trip to Lansdowne during the following weekend (much to our respective wives' chagrin). After a month, during a daru party in Noida, we came...
  19. Sushant Pandey

    Navigatio: Quick trip to Kanatal, Dhanaulti and Tihri - Oct 2015

    It's a fashion nowadays to make fun of or to criticise Mahatma Gandhi. But this year millions of indians thanked him because his birthday was on friday. We also took full use of this opportunity and planned a trip to circuit Dhanaulti, Kanatal and Tihri dam, then return via Hrishikesh and...
  20. Sushant Pandey

    Navigatio: In and out of Mussoorie in a day - Aug 2015

    My parents went to Goa and they left their EcoSport with me in Delhi. Hehehehe... It was unthinkable now not to take any advantage of this opportunity.