1. Sushant Pandey

    Navigatio: Nainital - July 2015

    This is my first post on BCMT. Hope everybody enjoys this. Nainital has been my favorite hill station since childhood. Something about roaming around the lake, tibetan market, mall road, or just sitting on a bench watching the maelstrom of life going past you in all directions, has made it my...
  2. A


    Hi, I am planning to visit Uttarakhand in second half of May. Here is my tentative plan. All the suggestions are more than welcome. I plan to finalize my bookings in the next week. Pune - Delhi - Pune flight Rent zoomcar Delhi - Musssoorie (2 nights) Mussoorie - Kosi camp (1 night) - I am...
  3. Dry Ice

    To Devbhoomi, Uttarakhand

    I wanted to spend my Diwali at a quiet place, away from the cacophony of Delhi. Family intervened and it wasn't to be. But, I managed to get them on-board for a 4 day trip soon after Diwali. With the dates fixed, next thing to decide was the place. Where to. Since the trip was going to be with...