1. sabyasachi

    Hotel Holy View | Uttarkashi

    This decent hotel is located in the heart of Uttarkashi, & on Uttarkashi - Gangotri road. You can get a nice view of the town from the veranda of this property too! When I visited Gangotri (8th Nov, 2018), my halt for a night stay was at Uttarkashi. This hotel was one of those properties which...
  2. Yogesh Sarkar

    First trip to Garhwal; Harsil and Gangotri in Winter

    Prologue Second month of 2017 was coming to an end and I hadn’t yet traveled anywhere this year. So something had to be done about it. I needed to fix the mistake and set the tone for rest of the year. So after a lot of thinking, I zeroed in on Garhwal. Mainly because I hadn’t gone beyond...
  3. NeerajVayu

    Gomukh or Gaumukh

    Gomukh trekk in Oct 2016
  4. amit kakkar

    Off-roading & trekking adventure, Uttarakhand

    I along with Sanjay decided to drive a two wheeler to some place not much explored, so finally we zeroed down to scale the top of a mountain which once became the headache of a town in Uttarakhand called Uttarkashi, few years back huge landsliding started from this mountain and the stones...
  5. bhumti

    Dodital Lake:_ A Winter Sojourn For White Christmas 2015

    This year me and my younger son, Mridul Verma went for a snow trek to Dodital lake. we enjoyed lot of snow and trekked in white Christmas. The trek was undertaken from 22.12.2015 evening to 26.12.2015. As per BCMT tradition here are some teasers.