western ghats

  1. gauravtalan

    Photoblog: Delhi-Goa-Delhi road trip

    I have been to Goa a couple of times by train taking the scenic Konkan route. The journey always fascinated me. What would the villages of this stretch look like? How about the beaches and backwaters? After planning for a few months, I finally decided to drive along the Konkan coast while taking...
  2. diazneoones

    Journey through the Western ghats,West Coast of India : thread 1

    "Journey through the Western ghats,West Coast of India" View attachment 736265 Myself and my buddy decided to go out to enjoy the vacation and it was last minute plan for us to go on Bike road trip as we initially thought Card drive to kerala. Right after the Christmas celebration we packed...
  3. I

    A brief photologue: Amba Ghat, Manoli Dam, Pawankhind

    Dear BCMTians, For past couple of years I have enjoyed reading hundreds of amazing travelogues posted by members of this community. Thanks for creating and running this place. Here is my first travelogue/photologue for all of you. warm regards, Ibn.Battuta Last week me and my family...