❋❀In search of a new village-A Photolog (Pauri Garhwal-UK)❀❋

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Expecting Great Show..............to continue.......:grin::grin:
Thanks sir, I'll try my best :grin:

lovely start..what is the name of the village ?
Thanks Rajat! Well, the name is bit odd..its ''Thapaldar'' :)

Waiting for a nice treat like last time
Thank you sir. Lets see if fellow bcmtians like it like the previous one.

Vipin, Good start.
Expecting quite a lot from you. Carry On !!!!
Thank you sahil! I am trying hard. :)

Good start...
Thanks Abdul!

Vipin again a nice log from Uttrakhand :)
Jack you are my brother from a different mother!

Nice log from Dev bhoomi
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Great Start Vipin ji, superb pics
Is this log is better than the previous one!!!!!!! waiting for more
Sir! Thanks for visiting the thread :). I will try to cover more things in this thread which were not there in the previous one.

good start Vipin :)

that reminds me of my village log which is pending for long now :(
Thanks Bro!

Mr. Thar aadha saal beet gaya..har baar aap guilty feel karte ho lekin log start nahin karte :grin:

Wonderful start Vipin...got to go and read the first village coverage. :)

Looking forward....Cheers....
Thanks Prem!

๑۞๑,¸¸,ø¤º°`°๑۩ Thank you all for encouraging me ۩๑ ,¸¸,ø¤º°`°๑۞๑
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Vipin Singh Rawat

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Garhwal is famous for piligrimage.
People come here in search of moral or
spiritual significance,We have endless
temples & siddh shakti peeth (place
where miracle haapened in history).

A huge chunk of people in garhwal are god
fearing.They will not dis obey their lord
even in their remotest thought. My family
is no different. Whenever we get call that we
need to mark our attendence in lord's home
we are there..

This small village (Thapaldar) was set up by
my greatest grand father, we have a small
property there which is in not in its best shape.
I will show it to you all in next set of pictures.

Also, In this thread I will include the way
of living in Garhwal's village, resources,
food, culture, transport, education and survival.​