❋❀In search of a new village-A Photolog (Pauri Garhwal-UK)❀❋

Vipin Singh Rawat

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nice, what does 2 Lacs include, complete overhaul, with material?
Thanks! 2 lacs include building material, labour costs, making way to your home from regular villages path & toilet/bathroom gutter. Its cheap as I'll be re-using those stones, all I need is cement ans some small stuff.

Interesting going !!!!
Thanks Sahil!

interesting thread.

Vipin Bhai . Guess worth every penny you spend.Absolute peace & tranquility
Thanks Venket saab!

Dont know what comes next.....
but interesting one till now..... keep it up
Thanks for liking it manjinder.

Vipin, you must renowate your parental house...you will be blessed.
Its in my mind since ages, I am now trying to think it seriously.

Vipin ji just wonderful pics
Thanks Sir!
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Vipin Singh Rawat

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★·.·´¯`·.·★ Day 2 ★·.·´¯`·.·★

Day 1 was tiresome as I
drove all the way and then
I slept as soon as I reached.

Day 2 (today) I had to go to
the market to get few things
for the grand lunch that was
going to happen today. All
villagers participated in order
to make lunch for all village people.
Some people filled water tanks,
some were preparing food, some people
arranged the woods for chulha, I could
not do anything so I decided to go to
market and get some disposable glasses.

Time for some pictures..

Early morning view from my bed..​










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Shitij Koshal
Vipin, photos are really marvellous and if you have to spend money for staying at such a place away from hustle and bustle of city life then it is worth going for it.


Hmm....... Great Real Village Life Story started now in UK ............:grin::grin:
With Full Description..................:grin::grin:
a classic story to follow.........:grin::grin: