1 Girl & 1 Woman on a Self-drive trip to Udaipur, Kumbhalgarh & Bera

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Hi all,

After my Namibia blog & with all the encouragement from you guys, I felt I could try writing another small blog.

So this time when my hubby went on a biking trip with 'the boys' to Arunachal Pradesh last month (Nov '15), I thought I'll try going on a girls-only road trip simultaneously.

Normally, I'm really considerate & let my hubby 'learn' how to book the car, use the credit card for insurance, check the tyres etc. But since he was going off without me, I didn't feel like extending the courtesy to him this time :razz:.

So I planned a trip to Rajasthan & invited my cousin sister to join me. She refuses to be called 'a woman' & hence this weird title :roll:.




Does it sound interesting enough?

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My cousin sister & I flew from Mumbai to Udaipur by Indigo Airlines.

I had booked a Toyota Etios from CarzOnRent, Udaipur. The total rental amount for 6 days was deducted from my credit card at the time of booking itself. They count days on a 24-hour basis.
They had only 2 cars to choose from: Innova & this. I chose the smaller option.

Taking an extra charge, CarzOnRent delivered the car at the airport. This is almost 26 kms. from the city. They blocked 5000 rs. on my credit card as the insurance excess & I had to sign an agreement. I then checked the car & marked the dents & damages on the agreement diagram (so that I could know which ones I added :razz:)

We reached Udaipur in the afternoon & checked in into Lake View Villa overlooking the Fateh Sagar lake. This homestay is owned by Mrs. & Mr. Singh, who are really warm & friendly. I had booked the suite here as it has the best view!


My car for 6 days outside Lake View Villa​


Lake View Villa​


The place was squeaky clean​


My spacious & sweet suite ...​


... with an amazing view of the Fateh Sagar lake on the left ...​


... and the Mahakaleshwar Temple on the right​


All our meals were taken in our private balcony​

In the evening we took a walk on the promenade adjoining the Fateh Sagar lake which was really nice. It was a 10 minute drive from our homestay.
I was quite excited as the next day would be the actual beginning of our adventure!!!

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Thanks all for the encouragement! :D

The Plan:

Complete Route.jpg

My plan was to drive down to Kumbhalgarh & stay there for 2 nights.

Then on to Bera & stay there for 2 nights.

Back to Udaipur to the same Lake View Villa for the last night & finally fly back home to Mumbai.

The total distance driven was 450 kms.

We used 'Here Maps' ... an excellent GPS app as it supports true offline maps (meaning you don't need an internet connection while on the road). So I had downloaded the map of Rajasthan on my phone beforehand and marked the GPS co-ordinates of every place I was going to visit & saved them in "my favourites". This means we didn't waste any time during the actual driving.

The car from CarzOnRent had been driven for around 43,000 kms but was in a very good condition.

We left Udaipur at 10 a.m. the next day & drove to Kumbhalgarh Forest Retreat.


Excellent 4-lane roads from outside Udaipur on NH76 for around 30 kms​


We took a right from Krishna Kanhaiya restaurant on to SH32. This is a single-lane narrow road passing through a few villages​


We found this method of irrigation very fascinating. The lady driving the 2 CP (Cow-powered) engine ;) turns the can-shaft & lifts water from the lake below ...​


This water empties into this strategically created channel & carries the water to the fields! Ingenious!!! For 10 bucks, the lady offered me to drive it!!!​


Locals harvesting water chestnuts​

After Sayra, the road deteriorated further & became potholed in patches. Thankfully the GPS worked like a charm & got us to Kumbhalgarh Forest Retreat without a glitch. We reached here in 3 hours.


We stayed here for 2 nights.


Parking outside the gate on the road​


There are a lot of stairs & slopes on this property making it a bit tiring.


Our room was very spacious & clean


The jacuzzi (without enough hot water) with a sky roof. Though it beats me why anyone would want to waste so much water in a desert.


The property faces a lake. We loved our balcony and had all our meals here!!!​


They were constructing more rooms so they have blocked the view partially. We could see crocodiles on the bank on the opposite side!!! The place had a lot of birds too!​