1 Girl & 1 Woman on a Self-drive trip to Udaipur, Kumbhalgarh & Bera

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Kumbhalgarh Fort:

This fort was built around 550 years ago. It has 7 gates or 'Pols'. Interestingly, it has never been captured ... probably owing to it's amazingly thick walls. The fort enjoys a commanding view of the Aravalli range & is adjoining the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary where one can do a safari.

The fort has 360 temples within it's walls out of which around 300 are Jain temples & the rest are Hindu temples. There is a light & sound show in the evening from 6:45 till 7:30 (which I found quite average). This show plays a recording of the history of the fort. What I found surprising is that the show is only in Hindi, considering that this place attracts a lot of foreigners too.

What is amazing is that after the show, they light up the whole fort for some time which looks absolutely beautiful in the night.


The Fort as seen from "the viewpoint"​


The difference between the longest and the 2nd longest wall in the world is ... slightly more than I would have guessed (21,000 kms v/s 36 kms) :p


Hanuman Pol​


Fees for entry is Rs. 5, Car park is 20 & the Light & Sound show is 100​


A small section of the thick walls


It was relatively clean inside ... esp considering the number of people visiting the fort. It was quite crowded, though you won't realize it as it's spread out!​


You are supposed to climb all the way to the top ... to the 'Badal Mahal'


A shop cum restaurant selling essentials. The temple ahead is in ruins inside.​


There are small villages within the fort walls and around 520 people inhabit them since generations :-o (according to the staff at my hotel)


The temple on the left is a Shiva temple and is quite well preserved from within too


The start of the long climb to the top. We took around 3 hours to go up & return. You could probably do it in an hour if you're in a hurry​


There are nice pink flowers dotting the walk up. It is quite well maintained ... probably as it's a World Heritage Site.


The frontal walls are 15 feet thick! If you have the time & inclination, you could walk 26 of the 36 kms of this wall!!!


We passed through a couple of gates along the way


View of the Aravalli range & the approach road from the top​


Almost at the Badal Mahal (which is just a terrace & not really a 'Mahal'). It was very windy up here. You get commanding views of all sides ... which is the whole point of it being a Fort :p


Different sections of the Fort​


These murals are quite well preserved considering their age (and the fact that they have to avoid getting paan stains on them like some of the other sections. Yuck :-&)​


Interesting wall hangings!


Back down well in time for the light & sound show. It got completely packed by 6!​

After the show, it became pitch dark. It was an adventurous experience driving on the ghats back to the hotel.
I took a wrong turn somewhere ... and after a few minutes I realized that there was something amiss :shock:. The hotel wasn't more than 7-8 kms away. So we quickly backtracked ... and found our hotel. Phew!!! \\:D/

I must admit that the idea of us getting lost & going round in circles in the forest there was mildly disturbing ... but what really bothered me was the thought that I could have missed dinner! Positively scary :Hangman:!!!!

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Nice TL with clear pictures.

I too had the bad experience of falling for the "Light and Sound show". This was at Agra Fort.
Costed me Rs. 60/head but strictly first time only (you won't go there second time, though!!)
The show had mixed language (some part in Hindi and some part English).

Did you manage to click the fort at night (when the lights are up) and from the light and sound show (when it's dark)?

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Did you manage to click the fort at night (when the lights are up) and from the light and sound show (when it's dark)?


Just clicked this one ... from my cell phone (as I was feeling bored to remove my camera from it's bag) #-o

As it is, I find SLR cameras like the Canon EOS 550D with it's kit lens that I used in this trip too bulky. It's quite obvious that it was designed by men for men :roll:

getting lost in the night and that also in an unknown area gets all your nerves working 200%... must be scary and quite a task going back to hotel
Er ... well just when I started trying to figure out the road, my cousin put on some music that I didn't particularly like. So I got a bit peeved with her ... and completely forgot to get scared :p.
By the time I realized I'm supposed to be scared, we had already reached the hotel.