1 Girl & 1 Woman on a Self-drive trip to Udaipur, Kumbhalgarh & Bera


CBR250R ABS !!
Nice to see woman\Girl are also taking part in touring by self. Accepting the challenges of alone touring etc.
But why a single pic of your's not in the T-Log ?

Your T-Log with pics will encourage multiple Girls\Woman to tour and write their T-Log helping future people to go for it.
Just a suggestion. If you wanna be a Ghost Writer no problem.


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₰₰₰₰₰Great !₰₰₰₰₰
₰₰₰₰₰Great !₰₰₰₰₰

Shantanu Das

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Hi... nice blog.. :)
am reading still.. but i wonder.. why the costs missing?
rental car cost..
room rent cost.. etc
that is what would have been helpful i think



Alia Hamid
Hello, I have done Jaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. It was quite amazing. I fell in love with Rajasthan that moment itself. Since then I always wanted to go to Udaipur, which I missed in my first trip, because of time as well as budget issue. This time I am doing Udaipur, now with your blog I think I can extend to Kumbhalgarh & Bera as well. The pictures gave me a reason to visit these places. They are splendid. Your blog sure gives details about accommodation, thanks for that. I am planning with the itinerary, hope you will help me with more details. A great adventure you had, very nice, it inspired me to look out more solo vacations. Thank You.