10 Punctures due to Glass


It's horrible thing happened with you and you lost your 1000 too, visit the same place with some planning and do some Vasooli
Actually, i am planning my bike today in the evening at his shop. Will act as if bike got punctured again. If he checks and says that yes there are 2-3 punctures then i will give him a piece of my mind. Will keep you updatef.

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Hello everyone, So visited there last night again at 10 PM. I told him " Bhai, tumne jo puncture theek kiya, waha se fir se air pass ho rahi hai, mujhe lagta hai firse puncture hua hai" (Bro, the puncture which you repaired it seems air is coming out from the same places, I think it is punctured again).

He started to check the tyre, Now this time i was keeping a close watch on his each moment, literally i didn't let myself deviate from the whole tyre checking process. He checked the complete tyre. He said the tyre seems perfect, tyre is not punctured. I showed him that i am not convince by his words, he said if you are still not satisfied please bring the bike to the shop on Saturday or Sunday. I will fill the tyre with some liquid, so that the air should not leak out from the rim our any other edges.

Suddenly, I thought maybe his planning to yield more money from me and this is new trick or bluff. I said "No need buddy, i have already spent 1ooo rps on the puncture and really not interested to pay more on this damage tyre."

To my utter surprise he said " Bhaiya, aap se paise nahi mang raha hu, aap mere gaon se dikh rahe ho, isliye aap ko suggestion diya" (Yes he used suggestion word while speaking) ( Brother, for this job, i am not asking for any sort of compensation, you seem to be from my Hometown, so that's why i was suggesting you).

After reading all those Puncture Scam info and reviews, i am still in doubt whether should i take my bike to the shop again and get some work done free of cost or it is some another gimmick or bluff?

It will be great if anybody can throw some light on the tyre liquid which he was talking about.

Thanks in advance.


^^ He couldn't possibly be offering Slime free of cost!
Sir, i will be visiting him this Sunday and will let you know. I don't know what he is offering me and i am not aware of Slime.

@adsatinder pajji thank you for sharing the Slime thread.

Now during this visit will click pics and also ask my friend hailing from Mechanical background (he works for FIAT) to accompany with me.


So now exactly after 15 days of the dreaded 10 Puncture incident, the rear tyre again got punctured.

I am really distressed now, i don't know whether the MRF company gave me a damage piece or tyre puncture wallas are taking me for a ride.

I am not in a need to buying another costly MRF meteror Tyre. If there is any budget friendly solution please let me know?

Guys, i need your expert advise!!!! Thanks in advance.

Just now checked Snapdeal is showing 23% discount on MRF MoGrip Meteor and the price is really tempting 1999. Remember, I bought the same at 2890 in the month of Feb 2016. I can buy the new tyre if it is provided for 1999. Again need advise should i be buying tyre from Snapdeal or go to brick and mortar store of MRF dealership?
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You will not get any warranty from any where for puncture.
Better use tube with it,
it is tubeless type.
Your existing tyre will work good till its lifetime.
You can put it in front if it is OK with with you. You already have front new tyre. You can use this later or give to anyone who will use it with tube. Better buy new one and
don't fell in trap of puncture scam.