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1000 Oaks!! - Pune

1000 Oaks!! ..... Thoaks ...

Its got one of the best ambience for a pub, dressed in low stools and wooden interior. A crowd puller on all days of the week. If you are a person who likes to listen to Rock music, Oaks is THE place to be. The rainbow - inxs - pink floyd - led zepp - smashing pumpkins - collective soul - rhcp - r.e.m - nirvana - extreme - u2 - dire straits - eric clapton - the doors .....

The food is consistently of an excellent quality and taste. The veggies and the meat are fresh and the taste of a particular dish is not devoid of what it should be like. The drinks are the major attraction here..The BARMAN"S PITCHER is highly recommended and is the speciality which is a mix of varied types of alcohol and comes in flavours, Apple Green , Some Rose , Peach , and a fourth one .... Apple green being the most predominent .

The cocktails are awesome, and Oaks serves a variety, Cosmopolitan, Purple Haze, Barfly's Dream, Bloody Mary, Tom Collins, John Collins, etc. The chilly shots of Vodka come in tiny shot classes with a big red chilly sticking out of the glass and you would instantly want to try it out. The music ranges from Retro, to Power Ballads, Soft rock, Hard rock, Metal, Grunge Rock, and at times you might catch a couple of techno munbers.

8th December every year is celebrated being Jim Morrison's B'day and John Lenon's Death Anniversary, with all Doors and Beatles numbers being played.

If you are in Pune, do drop in to Thousand Oaks for it will give you the cosy ambience and classy interior, awesome music, A-grade food and the drinks are to die for.... with the music pumping up the evening all the way.

Recomended Drinks - Green Apple Barmen's Pitcher , Capriocicaa .

Drink Sensibly ! :rolleyes:
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My brother Hanu is working in Pune !! He is a travel freak as well !! May be you can catch up with him !!