2017 Lahaul, Spiti and Sach Pass Road Status

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Yogesh Sarkar

This is a dedicated thread for information related to opening, closing and road condition of roads leading to Lahaul, Spiti, and Pangi Valley via Sach Pass, Rohtang Jot and Kunzum La in 2017.

A new thread for the 2018 road status has been created here 2018 Lahaul, Spiti and Sach Pass Road Status.

Shimla - Kaza Road Status: Open.

Manali - Kaza Road Status: Closed.

Manali - Keylong Road Status: Closed

Sach Pass Road Status: Closed.

Chandertal Road Status: Closed.

Permit for Rohtang Pass: Good news for those planning to go to Ladakh, Lahaul, Pangi and Spiti. Online permit registration for going beyond Rohtang Pass is now open and can be done from the following link, Tourism Development Council Manali (H.P.)-InformatoryScreen. The permit would only be issued to vehicles which are less than 10 years old and this permit isn’t for people who are just going to up to Rohtang Pass (if you return from Rohtang, your vehicle will be blacklisted.)
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What is the current situation of Shimla-Narkanda-Peo stretch? Has the current snowfall blocked the road?
I am looking to drive 2WD safari strome upto Peo/Sangla next week. Is this advisable?


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Snowfall in Khajjiar all day yesterday.
wish i was free, would have hit the road for Khajjiar.
but i have a shoot in Chandigarh on Monday.
so will wait for next snow storm

any chance of Snowfall in Chandigarh.
there was a good hail storm in Chandigarh last night.

Yogesh Sarkar

Update from Arshad:

Road block at Ka enroute Nako due to landslide
Clearing not yet started
To be opened tomorrow most probably
Good to see snow all around on the hills. I always wanted a drive on the white Spiti but don't own a car, let me know if anyone is looking for partner for a drive to white Spiti by end of Jan or Feb or even Mar. I have been to Spiti twice on my bike but never been there during the peak winter season. Please pm me if your are looking for someone.

PS: I cant drive, I can only ride.
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