any updates on sach pass? is it open? Planning a motorcycle trip this weekend.
Not open yet.
It may be delayed too.

2 days ago an attempt was done but snowfall at highest points and rain all day and night at Killar side made it fail.
4x4 was there from Killar side to do it till the road allows.
They kept it for next time.
Moves ahead towards Keylong..
A Nala was on road and all the vehicles got stuck
Only 4x4 was able to cross it without any help.
RT may explain about his adventures later here or in his log.

Yogesh Sarkar

This year all the passes are opening late due to heavy accumulation of snow. Best option is to postpone the trip until the end of June, so that road is open and in somewhat decent condition for the road trip.


Kaza to Chandertal road going to be open with in 3 days we just came back from there,
& Kaza - Manali Road will take more than a week.

Road is bad when it opens.
It may take sometime to make it stable.
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