Can any one please tell the situation of road, snowfall of kinnaur. whether we should continue to our plan or change to some other place.

still the issue of tension of borders will be a separate story. this we will decide according to condition at that time.

Yogesh Sarkar

This is the weather update posted by @rameshtahlan sir for 2nd March. If this keeps up, you will likely encounter heavy snow in Kinnaur. Keep a backup plan ready, just in case and you should be fine. There is no issue in traveling to Himachal, unless war breaks out.



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WEATHER UPDATE, 2 Mar 2019, Sunday.

So for those guys who have missed all the fun of feeling the snowfall on your head,
here is your chance again.

Lot of rainfall expected starting Saturday,
so be careful of landslides.
already the mountains sides are saturated with water from past strong WDs,
so landslides could take place more easily.

Happy Landings.



Thanks for the reply....

Keep a backup plan ready, just in case and you
I have prepared back up plan as below if kinnaur is not accessible at the time . can you check and advice further:

09.03.19 - Ahmedabad to Chandigarh , will reach at 12.15 PM and transfer to shimla

10.03.19 - Shimla local and nearby places

11.03.19 - Shimla to Narkanda and back to shimla

12.03.19 - Shimla to Tirthan

13.03.19 - Tirthan (Pls suggest)

14.03.19 - Tirthan (Pls suggest)

15.03.19 - Tirthan to Chandigarh

16.03.19 - chandigarh to catch flight for Ahmedabad (Flight @ 16.00 hrs)

  1. which route to be followed for shimla to tirthan
  2. jalori route will be open? if yes, can we proceed to tirhtna from narkanda instead coming back to shimla on 11.03.2019.
  3. pls suggest places and things to do in tirthan for 3-4 days.
  4. pls advice to finalise the itinerary.


Yogesh Sarkar

If it is snowing heavily in Himachal, you will not be able to cross Jalori Pass. You will have to take this route Shimla to NH305 or this one Shimla to Banjar.

There are plenty of short treks to do Tirthan Valley and you can easily spend time near the river.

You can also visit Prashar Lake, Kasol and Manali from there. It really comes down to what you wish to see and do.

Yogesh Sarkar

Manali – Leh Highway snow clearance operation is set to begin in a week, if the weather remains favorable. Initially effort would be to clear Gulaba – Rohtang route and restore connectivity within Lahaul Valley.


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WEATHER UPDATE, 11, 13, 14, 17 Mar 2019

Please check out the expected snowfall which may take place on the dates mentioned on the screen shots
so you can better plan your trips.

And for Manali Kaur Ahluwalia hope you don't get stuck.

Happy Landings.

Yogesh Sarkar

Road clearance work halted due to heavy snowfall and rain in Himachal Pradesh. Higher reaches in Lahaul & Spiti, Kinnaur, Chamba and Kullu received fresh snowfall, while Mandi, Bilaspur, Hamirpur, Kangra and Solan had widespread rains causing sharp fall in temperature.

Kalpa had 5 cm of snowfall, while Manali received 3cm.

Rohtang Pass and Kothi received 30 cm of snowfall.