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Any recent weather updates

ये जो हो रहा है वो सही नहीं है!
•Mar 7, 2020


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मार्च के महीने में बर्फबारी.. जी हां, खबर करने वाली है लेकिन उत्तराखंड और हिमाचल में इस वक्त यही हो रहा है.. सीधा असर मैदानी इलाकों में पड़ रहा है..

From :

The Weather and Meteorology thread
Several roads including NH-5 blocked after fresh snowfall in Himachal Pradesh
PTI | Mar 12, 2020, 10:04 IST

SHIMLA: Several roads, including National Highway 5, have been blocked in Himachal Pradesh as places such as Kufri, Narkanda, Kinnaur and Kharapathar witnessed a fresh overnight snowfall and other parts of the state including Shimla received rains, officials said on Thursday.
The Shipki La national highway (NH-5) connecting Firozpur in Punjab to the Sino-Indian border at Shipki La was blocked in Kinnaur district as a glacier occurred at Rali village in Kalpa tehsil following the fresh snowfall.
Traffic in Narkanda and Kharapathar has also been blocked.
Shimla, the state capital, witnessed rains throughout the night.
The coldwave in the state has intensified after the fresh rain and snowfall as the temperatures decreased by some notches.
The sky will remain largely cloudy in most parts of the state. The meteorological department has issued an orange warning of rains and snowfall for Thursday.

Main Roads will be opened by dedicated Earth / Snow Movers at main & important areas.
It takes some hours of efforts even if snow is more.
When weather is clear they usually do it fast.
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For past 20 days my iMac was running day and night to recover 1.8TB data from a 2TB Ext HDD.
Finally all the date was recovered, which was of past 20 years, Pre Sept 2018, images and videos and document and data.
Finally last night for the first time in 20 days i was able to power off the iMac, and then today morning powered it up again.
CHEERS. I am back to my iMac for weather reports.

Do keep a check on this WD,
the screenshot is for 22 Mar 2020 Monday,
It appears to be building up strength, that is cause there are two Low Pressures areas back to back, and the rear one is stronger and so is being fed with moisture from the Arabian Sea. When this happens it does bring lots of rainfall, and heavy snow.
So looks like by 23 or 24 it will be on us, and on 24th it should be full force on us.
But like all weather predictions, they are just predictions, and anything can happen, it can get influenced by a very large Low Pressure area over Russia, that can pull this Northwards and weaken the effect over us. And the reverse is also possible, and it brings extensive rain and snow over us.
So keep a good lookout for this WD.
FOR THOSE WHO PLAN TO REACH HIMALAYAS FOR THIS SNOWFALL, SUGGEST GET TO DESTINATION ON 22 MAR FOR SURE, and the further North you head into Himalayas the better, specially towards Kashmir, and Manali. What happens toward Kinnaur and Kaza we will have to see how it moves forward. Same goes for Uttarakhand.
Another few days and the picture will become more clear.

23 Mar Mon.png
We the people of Spiti Valley today on the 17 of March 2020 under the supervision of all our five ancient monasteries and the support of all our gram panchayats had a meeting on the preventive measures that need to be taken against the pandemic known as corona virus. We unanimously came to a conclusion that for the time being w.e.f . 17 March to 30 April 2020 we will not host /entertain any national or international tourists, migrant labourers and other outsiders who come to Spiti in search of financial opportunities. This is to restrict the corona virus from reaching our Valley and protect our region from a potential corona virus outbreak.
Considering the geographical remoteness and limited medical facilities in Spiti we have taken this preventive measure. Our aim is to restrict this outbreak, protect our families and nothing else. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this regard and will keep you updated once we decide to re-open our businesses and establishments to tourism activities once again.
Be safe.

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Yesterday a person told that, his friend was denied entry at a Check Post at Narkanda.
Police wala said, No Tourists Allowed ahead.
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