2019 Srinagar–Leh Road Status

Yogesh Sarkar

This is the official 2019 Srinagar – Leh Highway road status thread of BCMTouring. It will be updated regularly with latest updates of road status of Srinagar – Leh Highway and tentative opening dates of Zoji La. Make sure to subscribe to this thread to receive regular updates.

Srinagar - Leh Road Status: Open.

Update 27th April: Zoji La has reopened for light vehicles, though the traffic remains one way.
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WEATHER UPDATE 6 Feb and 7 Feb 2019

This year the WD snowstorm have brought more snow than seen in recent times,
So the snow from previous snowstorm is already there,
this snowstorm is big and will add even more snow.
Also there is lots of rain along with this WD along the foot hills.
So exercise caution,
get to your destination before the storm arrives on 5 Feb.
both on 6 and 7 Feb the snowfall could be pretty huge.
So it will be fun, but if you are not careful, it can get you into trouble.
If you on a bike trip to inner regions, would be a good idea not to do it alone, have another biker with you on a different bike.
Same for guys going in deep in own cars, good idea to have another car with you or better still one should be a 4x4.



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WEATHER UPDATE for 12 and 13 Feb 2019

A rather huge WD is approaching.
have been keeping a track of it. It will bring loads of snowfall starting on 12, and even more 13. Lets wait and see what happens on 14.
There is a huge amount of moisture incursion taking place from the gulf region and Arabian Sea.

Guys who are already at Gulmarg have almost 3 to 4 feet of snow, right up to half the height of the hotel window.

Fight out of Srinagar have been cancelled for toady.
Tomorrow there should be open sky, and hopefully flights will resume.

So those planning for 12 and 13, bet
ter be well prepared.
With the amount of snow already on the ground,

this will add to it.

First image if for 12 Feb, second image is of 13 Feb.
I am sure with the annotations on the screen shots you will understand the situation.


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WEATHER UPDATE. Video. 11 to 17 Feb 2019

Ok guys,
another huge WD is approaching,

As days zero in we will have to see if it is going to be bigger than the last one or same or a bit less.

But it will affect the whole of Himalayas right up to Arunachal Pradesh.

Specially those heading to Spit Valley right up to Kaza or maybe beyond,
don't push your luck, go till were you can go.
when you see that it is getting tough,
turn back, and get a Home Stay, and enjoy a full White Spiti.
Off course if you on a 4x4 with snow chains on all 4 tyres,
you would be able to go further. But then again, there is a limit to how much you can push onwards.
Take a decision well in time, it will be fun where ever you are.
If you do get stuck at Kaza or Pin Valley, remember you may be there for a few says, as lots of snow has already come from last snowstorm,
So don't panic. in 2 days or even a week you will be able to head back when it gets safer to move on the roads.
But never try your luck in these regions and snowfall.
Know when to turn back to a safer place, and you will still enjoy snowfall and all white around you.

So be prepared, and go well prepared.
lot of rain also will take place,
be careful of landslides.

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WEATHER UPDATE, 2 Mar 2019, Sunday.

So for those guys who have missed all the fun of feeling the snowfall on your head,
here is your chance again.

Lot of rainfall expected starting Saturday,
so be careful of landslides.
already the mountains sides are saturated with water from past strong WDs,
so landslides could take place more easily.

Happy Landings.


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Work has begun to clear Zoji La of snow, with the flag off from Drass. Reopening of the Srinagar – Leh Highway will take at least at least a couple of months, especially keeping in mind the heavy snowfall this year.


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Well, for those unlucky guys who missed all the snowfall,
you have Back To Back Snowstorm.
So you in luck.

One Snow Storm on 11 Mar, Mon, another on 13 Mar, Wed.

Plan your trip, as the WDs would soon vanish,
and after that don't ask where will I find snowfall.

Happy Landings.



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Hello sir
In 1st week may Srinagar to leh road will be open or not
Because I am traveling on bike 1may
too early to predict cause of the amount of snowfall this year, and the Western Disturbance are still approaching.

Last year Zoji La opened 1st week April.
so it is possible that by 1st week May this year Zoji la may open,
but do keep a check as at a point BRO will give an approximate date of opening or at least publish in papers that the route has been opened.

Yogesh Sarkar

Hello sir
In 1st week may Srinagar to leh road will be open or not
Because I am traveling on bike 1may
If possible, postpone the ride by a couple of weeks. The road would be stable by then and hopefully, elections will be over, so security situation would not be bad in Kashmir.