2019 Srinagar–Leh Road Status

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Please keep posted. I heared that some blockage on Mandi to Manali road. Please do let me know.
Reached Mandi from karnal, didn't go through Chandigarh. There's a 6 km off road in bad condition in Punjab due to rain. It was drizzling all the way, don't forget to carry heavy rain coat, water proofing your luggages. Ghat section road is not in good condition, it will slow you down. At some places the highway is awesome as you get closer to Mandi but it is of short duration. Lot of lorries and truck coming from Mandi/Manali towards Chandigarh. Don't expose your body at all. Unless you want to look like a burnt wood. Sunscreen 50spf is must, at least from Delhi to Chandigarh.. don't know about blockage from Mandi to Manali, will enquire tomorrow and update,


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WEATHER UPDATE 30 Oct and 01 Nov 2019.

WDs are here.
this should be the first good snowfall WD of the season, hope i am right.

Many passes will shut now, so if you are on the other side of Rohtang, or Kunzum or Baralacha La or at Sarchu, or Zoji La,
time to get out immediately.
The WD arriving on Sat, seems to be intensifying
So those planning road trips,
do cater for much more colder weather and drop in temp.

Stay Safe
Happy Landings.

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WEATHER UPDATE for Thursday, 07 Nov 2019
WD that was to arrive on Thursday or rather Friday night
has intensified,
Looks like Dalhousie also might just get a sprinkle of snow fall with luck.
High probability that all passes will close.
Get out now if you on other side of Rohtang or Kunzum Pass of Zoji La.
Better Safe Than Sorry.

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