2020 Manali-Leh Road Status


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You can find all the information you need on the road status and opening dates of the Manali – Leh Highway in 2020. So make sure to subscribe to this thread for all the updates.

Manali – Leh Highway: The Manali – Leh Highway is closed.


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23 MARCH 2020 TO 1ST WEEK APRIL 2020.

Looks like the WD will finally reach us by late evening today, and bring more snowfall, and be in full force by midnight, and then from J&K it will spread to Ladakh, then Himachal, and also Uttarakhand,

Another WD following behind it, should reach us by 1st week April.

Not an issue for travel, as lock down has started
Wonder how the farmers will cope up, already financial crises is on,
and now this rain and snowfall will create problems for Wheat and Apple crop.