2021 Lahaul, Spiti and Sach Pass Road Status

Udaipur, Lahaul area has seen many Landslides, 4 bridges damaged, people are affected by Flood / Cloud Burst etc.
100+ Tourists are stuck in Lahaul area due to disconnection of Roads by Landslides and damaged Bridges.
These tourists may be air lifted.

Landslide NH707 himachal pradesh || district sirmour || ponta news
Jul 30, 2021


Himachal wale

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सिरमौर जिले में 707 पावटा साहिब से रोहड़ू जाने वाला राष्ट्रीय उच्च मार्ग बड़वास के पास लगभग 50 से 100 मीटर सड़क धंसने से अवरुद्ध हो गया है।

हिमांचल में फिर हुआ भूस्खलन! पूरी सड़क घुस गई। Landslide Occurred at HimachalPradesh
Jul 30, 2021


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#Landslide #HimachalPradesh #Monsoon @Divine Uttarakhand Massive landslide occurred at Kali Khan area in the remote Shilai subdivision of Sirmaur district in Himachal Pradesh. National Highway 707 connecting Shilai with the Paonta Sahib area in Sirmour has been cut off. #Landslide #HimachalPradesh #Monsoon
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Shillai road to be restored in a week

  • Updated At: Aug 05, 2021 09:32 AM (IST)

Solan, August 4
The stretch of the road at Kali Dhank in Shillai sub-division of Sirmaur which suffered a cave-in last Friday would be restored within a week as per the assessment carried out by a three-member team of Geological Survey of India (GSI).
The team led by Director Manoj Kumar today examined the strata for restoration of the road as well as its future widening.
Sirmaur Deputy Commissioner RK Gautam said, “As per the GSI team, road can be re-constructed following the same alignment as the rock strata was stable.” — TNS