3 Days Pune to Amravati (MH) Solo Road trip on bicycle

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Route: Pune- Aurangabad- Chikhali-Shegaon-Akola-Daryapur-Amravati
Vehicle: Schwinn sporterra Hybrid
Start Date: 30-Dec-2018 04:30 AM
End Date: 1-Jan-2019 08:00 PM
Distance Covered: 610 kms

Day 1 (30-Dec-2018) Pune- Aurangabad:
Route Followed: Ranjangao,Ahmadnagar,Aurangabad
Ghats Section: Small Ghat after Shirur
Distance Covered Approx: 250+ Kms
Since I started pedaling ,I was planning to do some long ride. I use cycle for my daily office commute and on weekend Rides. Also I use to do long ride ie 100/200kms etc which i takes care the it should complete in a day. From Many days its was in mind to go for 2/3 days of long ride .So Planned this on upcoming December vacations . I told this Plan to my wife and mother and managed to convince both for solo cycle road trip .There was one plan coming in mind to do Pune to Hyderabad ride. So accordingly i started collecting information of Hyderabad route, till Solapur i was aware about the road condition and it was like cake walk for cyclist. With further discussion and from multiple traveling blogs got to know that from Solapur to Hyderabad road is also in good condition. I have decided dates of travel , on first day it was planned to reach Solapur. For second day's halt location was not decided but on third day it was planned to reach at Hyderabad before evening. Once reached on third day then plan was to eat hyderabadi biryani and then start return journey by loading cycle on bus. I was so much excited for this ride and even decided to give name of the ride as "Hyderabadi Biryani Ride." Decided date of travel was 30th Dec-18 to 1st Jan-19. Now thing were perfectly planned and decided , it was time to execute . Not sure but suddenly thought came in mind one day that if I am planning 3 days ride then my hometown also takes this much of time to reach , so why not plan first road trip to home town. With this thought I entirely changed my plan of Hyderabad and decided to go to Amravati on cycle .Here the route was familiar , So no more planning was needed .Going to Hometown is very good feeling for anyone , and nothing is big in front of that if your staying away from home for employment. Entire hometown trip plan was ready in mind just waiting for the start date. As preparation i fixed carrier to cycle and done basic servicing along with purchasing of few accessories like pair of tubes ,Allen key ,energy bars etc.
Day has arrived for my road trip (30th Dec-18), It was winter and weather was much colder . My Bag was packed with required clothes,eatables,energy bars and essential things, So managed to start from home at 4:30 in the morning by wearing essential cycling gears. Around 8:30 morning i reached near Ranjangao and decided to take breakfast at hotel gurudatta wadewale, ate spicy misal pav and by taking break of 45 minutes i started my journey ahead. After crossing 4/5 kms i reached in Ranjangao famous Ganapti temple which is one of the Astvinayak. Clicked few snaps there with my cycle and started next journey towards shirur and to Ahamadnanagar. After crossing Shirur i came on one climb, that climb was not that much longer but considering the sun on the top (approx. 12:30 pm) i felt it was difficult. Distance from pune to Nagar is around 135 kms , So i managed to reach there at 2 pm by taking sufficient breaks. Now i was filling hungry but plan was reach Aurangabad on same day , So without wasting more time in food i stopped at one fruit shop and ate one dozen bananas which was refreshing and energetic for me .It was 3 pm in the clock and have to cross another 130 kms to reach Aurangabad, So without wasting more time i moved ahead . Ahmednagar is area where Sugarcane is one of the major crop, So if you travel towards Aurangabad then can see lot of sugar cane farms and small sugar cane juice shops on road side. While travelling i was totally drain and was too much thirsty , so stopped at one sugar cane Juice shop beside road had 2/3 glasses of Juice .Further travelling few kms i took power nap in shade of one huge tree . That power nap refreshed me and made me ready to travel ahead. Around 5:30 pm i reached near pravranagar and near Godavari River Bridge on highway, So i stopped there for tea. Met few more local cyclist there, had some chat with them on tea and then moved ahead. As it was winter day, so it was becoming dark and cold weather .So i packed myself with woolen cloths and started non stop journey till Aurangabad which was approx. 50 kms away. Due to front and back side torch, It made me easy to travel in dark. Now i was able to see Aurangabad city with shining of lights ahead. It was already 8:00 pm , so instead of going in city and wasting time in dinner, i preferred to take food outside at one Dhaba. I ate marathwada style egg curry masala there and by taking 15 mins of break i started . There was only 10/12 kms left to reach my destination of the day , so reached at 9:30 pm. There i got good medium range room for night stay near Mahaveer chowk. I locked my cycle there properly, became fresh and went to sleep within 10 mins.




















Day 2 (31-Dec-2018) Aurangabad- Shegaon:
Route Followed: Aurangabad,Jalana,Deulgao Raja,Chikhali,Khamgao
Ghats Section: small section before Deulgao Raja
Distance Covered Approx: 200+ Kms

I checked out from Hotel Devipriya ,packed my bag on cycle carrier and by taking a cup of tea in cold morning started my second day of Journey. Before i came in to riding flow , i stopped somewhere at the other end of City and Saw Garma Garam Pohawala at Road side and ate 2 plates of Poha . At poha stall lot of poeple were asking questions and some where surprised when i told them that i came from pune and going to Amravati. Had some nice chat with all of them and moved ahead for next journey towards Jalna. When i came outside city my cycle chain was giving trouble and there was lot of friction noise coming from the chain .So decide to search parachute oil to lubricate chain and for that i have covered around 15-20 kms. As it was early morning time so hardly there was any shop open, finally i got parachute oil bottle on one grocery shop. Other challenge for me here was that , due to cold winter morning that parachute oil was completed frozen. So somehow managed to pour it on chain to get it lubricated properly. Now everything was fine and it was time to go ahead . Aurangabad to Jalna is approx. 50 kms flat road , So thought i can cover that in 2.5 hours . But things were not as simple as i decided , there was heavy head wind and which made me difficult to reach Jalna. I reached Jalna at 11:30 am which was almost 1:30 hrs delay as per my plan. Now i saw one fruit shop before Jalna, So ate some papaya and guavas .The break was much needed because i was exhausted.
There are 2 roads from Jalna to Amravati one road is Via Malegaon and other is via Khamgaon, i preferred Khamgaon rout because Shegaon was in my plan and the same was my destination of day 2. Now next plan was to cover 30 kms and to reach deulgaon raja for lunch break at Hotel Chaitraban, which i managed to reach by 1:30 pm. In Deulgaon Raja Hotel Chaitraban is good for veg food, so had my lunch there and started for next journey by taking 1 hr. of enough break. When i started and covered some 25/30 kms then saw the road condition which was worst and not suitable to ride, as every where road construction happening. I asked to few locals, so as per them there was road construction going on till Khamgaon and that's why the condition will be same till Khamgaon. So now dropping the plan of ride and loading the cycle in tempo till Khamgaon was the only option left with me .I was aware about road construction happening in this area when i prepared this plan but due Santnagari Shegaon temple Darshan thought i will manage this somehow . Now anyway it was time to load my cycle in tempo and go till Khamgaon. Luckily i got one Tata 407 which was going to Khamgaon ,he took 100 Rs as mine and cycles ticket and dropped me in Khamgaon.
It was 7 pm when i reached at Khamgaon , so from that place Shegaon was just 15 kms which i managed to reach at 8:30 pm with good road conditions till Shegaon. After reaching Shegaon i enquired if i can get room at Shegaon Bhakt Niwas but as per there policy they don't allow room to one person. So finding the room at local hotel was the option, So somewhere in the hotel i got good room .Finalized that room and also done arrangement for parking my cycle in safe place . The date i reached in Shegaon was 31st December , So people in this area prefer to take darshan on last and first day of the year. So as soon as i settled things at room then i went for darshan say 9:30 pm, that time there was no queue for darshan and within 5 min i managed to take Gajanan Maharaj Samadhi Darshan. I came back and completed my dinner , again around 11:30 pm when i went for Darshan then there was long queue and this time it took me 35 minutes to take darshan .After darshan I came back to room and went for sleep.





























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Day 3 (01-Jan-2019) Shegaon -Amravati:
Route Followed: Shegaon, Akola ,Mahisang ,Daryapur
Ghats Section: No Ghat section
Distance Covered Approx.: 170 Kms
Before i start ,wanted to share few things about shegaon. Its pilgrimage center due to the influence of Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj, who is considered a Hindu saint. The place is located in Buldhana district of Maharashtra and its on Mumbai kolkata Railway rout and almost train takes halt here.This place is know as Pandharpur of Vidharbh region and the temple is famous for its discipline. It is the most peaceful place I have ever visited. Shegaon is small town famous for Gajanan Maharaj Samadhi Temple and Anand sagar which is clean and green spiritual center and amusement park run by Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan spread over 350 acres of area with large Lake in centre. Accommodation is easily available in Bhakta Niwas of Sansthan. In temple devotees(Sevak) register themselves for doing service in temple area without any salary and they maintain discipline and clean environment there .There is no corruption entertained no one wishes for a tip nor accept any offer. This place is also famous for Shegaon Kachori, So someone should try that.
Now i will come back on my final days ride plan.This was third and final day of the trip and i was going to reach to hometown, that filling was making me happy. I started my day at 7 am in the morning and was not in hurry to start ride .I prepared myself and was ready to check out from hotel around 9:30 am. It was 1st Jan-19 ie first day of the year,So as i said earlier rush in the Gajanan Maharaj temple was expected there . Still being devotee of Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj, i went for darshan but due to long queue i came back with mukh darshan. After Darshan i went to Santhans resaturant which is good and cheaper in rate with quality food.So had breakfast there and started my third days journey with bit delay ie around 11 am .In 30 mins i reached Anand Sagar and captured some photos.My todays route was Shegaon - Nagzari -Akola-Mhaisang-Daryapur and amravati, as there were alternative routes but due to road construction every where this was the perfect route for me. Many poeple use this road for Paidal wari(By walk) to come to Shegaon , also there are connected villages and lot of farm on this route so i enjoyed riding here .Some where on the way i saw one banana wafer wala who was preparing fresh wafer from Bananas. So i stopped there and had some wafers, It was good break for me though.Around 2 pm i reached akola and then headed towards mhaisang route. Thought to take lunch break after Akola but till daryapur i didnt find anything to eat and the area was also dry . Around 4:30 pm reached at daryapur. I was totally dehydrated and was filling hungry,so stopped somewhere at restaurant and ate some food .There was 50 more kms left to complete my ride and It was about to dark in sometime. So before it become dark i covers around 30 kms , and continued my ride slowly with short water breaks on the way.This road was state road so frequency of vehicles passing on the road were less, but i was able to travel in the dark with the help of there lights. When i was 5/8 kms away,there was one moment came when my front torch was completely drained and there was no vehicle on the road and entirely dark.That time i realized that one person/one image with long hairs was coming towards me and i was filling some murmuring sound around that time,So many thoughts coming mind .I was totally afraid but dared to go ahead and cross that person. When i crossed that person then i realized that he was orphaned mentally sick poor person and he was shouting like anything. Now i was bit relaxed and then continued ahead till i see the lights of my city . now i was able to see my destination ahead.Still there was 8/10 kms left to reach at home but as i was tired and hungry , So i stopped near one road side street food wala and ate 2 omelets.My friends were waiting for me with bouquet to welcome me . I reached around 9:30 pm at there place and then they welcomed me with bouquet .So with some photo session i completed my reception there and around 10:30 pm i reached at home.

Note :Always stay hydrated during your ride to avoid cramps.











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Wow! You have some amazing stamina! When did you start long distance cycling? My cousins too does this and I really admire the strength and stamina...