3 idiots to Ladakh on 100cc bikes


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3 idiots to LADAKH on 100cc bikes
Hey everyone
LADAKH- A fully energy, adventure and enthusiasm word. As soon as I did my Konkan trip (Mumbai to goa) in month of November 2009, I was writing travel logs on *********.com and came in contact with Yogesh Sarkar. After getting in touch with Yogesh Sarkar on net I came in contact with Bcmtouring.com which showed me a new destination to Heaven “LADAKH” and its lots of information. I soon caught my friends and told of unknown destination “LADAKH”. As far as “LADAKH” I heard it only on discovery and in films (LAKSHAY). Came to know that the Ladakh is open for only limited months, and the months were coming close. I had 2 companions who agreed to travel with me to Heaven. But the main problem was, we were 3 and the BIKES only 2:(. Of which one friend don’t know much about riding bikes. Major problem was that our bikes were Splendour (2001 model) & Passion+ (2008) both 100cc:confused:.After undergoing through many travel log of Ladakh got in touch with one travel log called “Ladakh-It Just Needs PASSION” in which the guy Auhutosh Mahajan dared to traveled with this passion. As committed by auhutosh the 100cc were finding difficult to travel on high passes, so traveling with pillion on 100cc was major risk:shock:. Getting new bike was out of question for both of us, and finally agreed to take our own bikes. Borrowed sony cybershot camera from friend for the trip. We started off from Mumbai on 8th of June 2010 by train with our bikes in same train to Chandigarh next day. We reached Chandigarh at 4pm kicked our bikes towards leh via manali. The main mission we accomplished here was we traveled with pillion 100cc to ladakh (I don’t think any one has done yet) and visited Khardungla, Magnetic hill, Hunder, Pangong Lake, Changla pass, zozilla pass.

3 idiots to Ladakh

Saurabh Patil - Hero Honda Splendor (2001)
Ulhas Patil - Hero Honda Passion+ (2008)
Santosh Patil - Pillion

Day 1
Total Distance covered-95km

It was 5pm when we left Chandigarh, to cover as much kilometer we can. But the luggages were creating problems, so had to tie them again and again. Soon it was dark and was forced to stop at shimla because of lack of knowledge of road and our bikes Head light power. We reached shimla at 9 pm. At end of that day we realized that we have made a big blunder of carrying excessive luggage so our bikes were not climbing as it should be. That day ended in shimal and finding room for stay.


Day 2
Total Distance covered-170km

We started morning at 9am towards Manali. Now we changed our positions because with pillion on splendor & luggage was difficult which I was riding as I weight 85kg. So I shifted Santosh who was pillion on my bike, to my friends Ulhas passion+ bike as they both weighted 45kg+50kg and took addition luggage on my bike. Now the weight was balanced properly so headed towards manali soon got aside one dhaba for breakfast.



Ate hot onion parathas and maggi and soon back on track. Soon we reached mandi and came to know the really bad news that Manali-Leh road has blocked, due to heavy snowfall at Kelong and Baralacha. We cross checked with bus stand in manali, what are the chances of getting road open, we also saw bikers coming back to mandi from manali. Then we got to know from bus stand at manali that the road will not open for more 3 days. Hell felled on us now what to do, our whole planning was scattered. Our dream was also scattered of traveling to Leh via manali road. No other option left head towards Srinagar-Leh road. So mandi was only road which lead towards Srinagar-leh road. Decision was made and we were on that way, as we were riding towards palampur santosh started waving his hand on bike and ulhas giving me horn, I saw them on side mirror and stopped for what happened, it was mountain fully covered with snow.



It was first time I had seen Snow Mountain (other than in TV). So our enthusiasm of reaching Leh was doubled. Before that we were only waving through roads & mountains. Finally reached Palampur and it show us 7pm, so time to search lodge. In no time we found good lodge for 400rs.


We ate mix vegetable bhaji, roti and some rice. Soon felled in bed and good knight.

Day 3
Total Distance covered-220km

Woke up at 8am roamed in tea plantation area (tea plantation is major in palampur and is also famous in India for tea) and continued our journey towards Srinagar.

The road from Palampur to Pathankot is mostly straight without much of hilly roads the temperature is also cold here. After some 50km took halt for breakfast, again we had parathas made of paneer, onion, potato.



Binding luggage again

Again on bike we cru zed with 80-90mph and reached Pathankot in no time. Pathankot is a crowded with bazaar, shops, road traffic so no intention to stop here, filled the petrol and back on track. From here onwards the military frequency was more to see, everywhere soldiers with rifles and military areas and lots of heat in climate. Next after an 15-20km we stopped for cold drinks due to heat and asked the paaji for condition of furthered road, he advised us to go for shortcut which saves nearly 40-50km. I don’t know the name of the village, but after traveling some 10-15km that diversion came through which the road directly extracts to Udampur and skips the jammu. This road is often taken by trucks to save fuel n time too. The road passes through different hilly region and one should drive carefully. After some time we came to Udampur. 10-15km after Udampure rested for some sandwich and snacks, there was no hurry as we wanted to visit and stay at Patnitop. The patnitop from here is hardly 45-50km. Then started the upward climb to reach patnitop in between got 2 bikers of MH number plate, so stopped with them for some discussion and came to know they where from andheri close to me. Continued till patnitop, the road here is crowded with tourists and heavy vehicles the roads here are as smooth as butter. Finally reached patnitop got the cheap guest house to stay, dumped our luggage’s had some tea and headed towards patnitop to see apple garden and different points, but there were no apples in garden.





Myself Saurabh at leftside, Santosh in middle, Ulhas at rightside.



Got some nice pics, again headed towards our guest house.






We order rajmaa, roti, rice and some beer for cheers for our night meal. The temperature is really down here had to wear sweaters. I was calculating money and distance traveled soon Santosh came screaming, I immediately run out and saw the gas cylinder was ignited with fire, where the cook was cooking food for us. He throwed the cylinder on road to save his kitchen and guest house. Due to which the vehicles refused to go further, in case it would get exploded. We watched this drama for some movement and then came the police to divert traffic. This was horrible incident happened, we also runed away from guest house. Finally the gas came to end the flames also slow downed. The drama came to an end, had some meal and gave some medicine to the cook whose nose was burned. Got to our beds and sweet dreams. Mean while also saw some riders on bullet heading to Srinagar at night.

Patnitop- Srinagar
Total Distance covered-182km

Woke at 8 am no intention to bath at all because of cold. Had some tea and continued towards Srinagar. Came descent from Patnitop and again uphill to Ramban.



In this ride we were first time washed by heavy rainfall in hilly region. Some how slowly reached (due to powerful winds blowing through mountains and roads) ramban. Had some rajmaa and rice, got some fuel again to Srinagar. Had some pics on the way and reched Srinagar at 6pm. Was rooming to find guest house asking the peoples here and there, this was noticed by the army men at his post. So he called us towards him, I thought he would check our luggage’s, but instead he came to be know as Marathi from so long time some one caught that can talk Marathi. Some chit-chat from where, to where etc. He gave us with his reference to live in Houseboat (shingara) in cheap rate.


Dumped all our luggage in boat came towards sachin (army men) and gave him some chakli( snacks made in diwali) to eat which he distributed among other soldiers. And headed towards dal lake. Had ride in Dal Lake and some pics too. Dal Lake is beautiful with many houseboats, market on houseboat, vegetation in lake and many other spots like mission Kashmir etc.








Finally finished ride which was of 2½ hours.
Some ice cream on the way

Had some medicines for acute mountain sickness (diamox). Reached our boathouse, again ate same rajmaa, roti and rice. Putted all cameras, mobiles and handicams for charging and got to sleep.

Sachin Talekar with us


Will udated remaining parts soon


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wow thats amazing travelogue in 100ccs. :shock: I can see one non-ISI helmet.

pour in more and more pics.
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wow amazing stuff bro the log is awesome beautifully narrated and equally well photographed and lots of pic wow keep pouring buddy