3G Mobile Services Launched in India


I am using 256kbps unlimited since last few months and 128kbps unlimited since May 2006, and haven't got less than 32-34 kB/s in daytime and 35-38 kB/s in night, donno if thats good or not. All the problems(majorly cable cuts in my apartment) have been sorted out within 4 hrs of the complaint being lodged, never faced any server issues(except for the slow internet during the sea cable damage last time). Heck even I complained on Sunday morning and was told that problem will sorted out by monday 1 PM and the technician visits within an hour, these guys work on sunday :O


Stuck at ~26KB/s download speed for months now, have gotten plenty of things done to get it fixed, including a change in the router and reassigning of the port, but nothing helps and I get almost the same speed, be it day or night! I guess my 30-40gb download a month has scared them into restricting my speed.


No wonder then, I was wondering how come you are getting such a good service :D

Ps. isn't their connection now 300kbps, instead of 256?


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turbohead ji, broadband and dolphin are two different beasts. I can thoroughly vouch for the arbit/sorta painful/erratic dolphin coverage for many years