3J's in Rajasthan : Jaipur Jodhpur Jaisalmer

Last post: Jaisalmer to Longewala, Coming back to Jaipur and then back home

Today was going to be a long driving day. We had to first drive from Jaisalmer to Longewala in morning (120 km approx,), and then drive back to Jaisalmer, followed by continuing the drive towards Jaipur. As it’s a pretty long distance, hence we had already decided to take the night halt at Nagaur, pre-booked at one of the hotels on highway itself.

Left early from Jaisalmer fort without breakfast at around 7:30 AM. In fort car parking, we found a small stall “sunrise breakfast” open who was making amazing smelling aloo paranthas. Got 5 of them packed and started on the way to Longewala. The paranthas were simply amazing, really killed the morning hunger.

Road from Jaisalmer to Longewala is pretty bouncy in terms of terrain, but no potholes. It is well maintained by BRO, and it is the lone tarmac running through in the completely deserted scenery. At times, there won’t be any vehicle at all for as far as you can see (and you can see kilometres as well). You won’t see sand dunes from the road, but park vehicle at a side and just be on top of a sand heap to see the majestic view.

When just left from Jaisalmer, it is green on sides, and a few villages on road:

And we could see the BRO witty signs, and a note of caution as well:

It was pretty tough to be within the speed limits:

And then it became completely lonely, felt like only one on the road:

And then a village came, covered up all in sand:

We reached Longewala at 9:15 AM. The sense of standing in the actual battlefield was amazing. This is an open museum/memorial. You have to walk in sand and see the place, and the destroyed tanks of Pakistan as well.

Captured Pakistani tank on display at Longewala:

Another captured one:

Recoil-less gun on the Jeep, and in background is our XUV:

After this, you need to walk in sand to see the battlefield. Some of the way is made:

And some of it is in pure sand. The destroyed tanks and vehicles placed where they got destroyed:

We felt very proud of our Army. And then after some snacks there we headed back to Jaisalmer.
Driving back to Jaisalmer was fun, once again back on the lone road:

And finally we reached the greenery and villages near Jaisalmer:

And while we were wondering about greenery in Rajasthan, we saw the cause:

The canals network is now up and functional in Rajasthan, has made life much simpler now.

We had started back at around 10:30 AM and reached Jaisalmer at 12. It was too early for lunch, hence decide to continue the journey and had lunch on the way. The target was to reach Nagaur before night. We finally reached Nagaur at 6:30 PM, a lot earlier than expected thanks to the wonderful Rajasthan state highway roads. We had booking in “Mahindra Hotel”, which is on the highway.

We reached the hotel and then got a big surprise. The booking wasn’t there at all, though all rooms in hotel were unoccupied. We then had to convince the management, showing them online booking proofs and payment details. The discussion went on for 15-20 mins, after which we got the rooms.
After some time, we came down to their restaurant for dinner and were treated with amazing food. Probably this was the best food in Rajasthan. Forgot all our check-in woes, enjoyed the meal and slept peacefully.

Woke up at 7 AM, and this was going to be purely travel day. We had an evening flight from Jaipur to Bangalore at 5:30 PM. Started from Nagaur at 9 AM, and reached Jaipur airport by 3 PM. Passed 2 hours at airport, boarded the flight and came back to Bangalore. We were going to miss seeing the desert all around:

Landed in night in Bangalore. It felt good to be back after the long trip. Filter coffee was there to welcome us back at Hatti Kappi at Bangalore airport. Meanwhile, rest of the group had reached Noida.
It was an amazing trip, a must do thing if not already covered.

End of travelogue.