3m AC Filters


Anyone using 3m AC filter with their split-ACs? I saw an ad on Facebook advertising it and it is supposed to be good for removing dust and pollen from air. However, most of what I can see online is for US and made for HVAC units.


I use air purifier at home & I also thought on similar lines.

For removing dust and pollen from air you need HEPA filter

Google baba told me that HEPA filters restrict the air flow & cause pressure drop. Fitting these on air conditioner will reduce the air flow similar to choking effect, thus will greatly impact the cooling effect. The filters used on ACs are only to protect the cooling coil from dust etc.

So Air purifier & air conditioners are good but a joint venture may not be very effective.


Hmmm… I guess this is why 3M filter does not cover the entire filter, so as to ensure cooling isn’t drastically impacted.



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Seems like bull.
1. Will clearly lead to increased power consumption, due to the extra pull required and restrictive air flow.
2. What about the pollen passing thru the gaps?
3. Original filters are there to remove dust (what other function does it have), why add another one for dust. And if you do, why stop at one? Why not add another over the 3m?
4. These look like disposable ones. Wont be cheap either, I am sure.

I installed 3M floor mats on my car (at a very high relative expense) and while good, its nowhere near as advertised.


I got these installed last week and got them uninstalled today.

They do not clean the room of PM2.5 particles, even when the AC has been running for several hours.

Whenever I bring my air purifier in the room, it still shows the room air as dirty and it is only after the air purifier does a lot of work, does the air quality changes.

They restrict a lot of air flow as well. So cooling efficiency goes down and I guess, that will eventually spike up your electricity bill.

At the end of the day, it is best to go with an air purifier.

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The truth is actually in between. My central A/C unit uses filters. Filters are needed to stop dirty air going into A/C unit, which reduces both the life and efficiency of unit. Dirty filters will also reduce efficiency of the unit. As a result, I change my A/C air filter every 3 months. I do not view A/C filter as something that will keep air clean in house. It helps but it is not the only thing. Primary role of these filters is to stop dirty air getting inside A/C. The dirt may accumulate over lubricated areas inside A/C so it is better to use filters. Using air purifiers inside the house are always a good idea.


Central ACs and Windows ACs are different. They pull in outside air and have enough room to accommodate a proper HEPA filter, which can filter out PM2.5 particles, just like an air purifier would.

In case of split units, AC filter is just a thin mesh filter and this 3M filter is just a paper/cloth type thing, which goes in front of it.