4 & 5 star hotels & resorts in India/Nepal/Bhutan mapped.

Hello, long time lurker & new registered member here.

I wanted to share a map I've been building for a while & use extensively when I travel now...
India Hotels - Google My Maps
This is a google map with most of the 4 & 5 star hotels in India.

I started building this list for three reasons that frustrated me no end.
  • I'm not a backpacker, I like my room service, spas, decent restaurants, and clean bathrooms. Most of the hotel booking aggregators in India inflate hotel quality & have 'customer' reviews that are comically unreliable as predictors of quality. Relying on booking site search filters & reviews to filter hotels by class/quality was not working. I've booked hotels barely a step above lodges that trivago/makemytrip/etc. insist are 3/4/5 star, only to find out the next morning that there was a Taj 5 minutes away.
  • Online booking sites are clunky when searching by location. It's difficult to search for hotels with criteria like easy access to the highway, or outside major traffic areas, or would avoid traffic in a late morning departure.
  • It's hard to pick a place to stop overnight on a multi-day road trip. You have to pick a city/location, then search for hotels, if none are found, pick another city/location and repeat. Seeing all the available hotels on a single map makes it easy to plan these stops.
The list is not comprehensive. I built it by scraping many corporate websites & have probably missed a few hotels, especially if they are one-offs (i.e. not part of a major chain/company) or are part of a small chain of hotels. LMK if I missed something.

The locations on the map (geocodes) should be pretty accurate. I used google maps to geocode the addresses, and tried to keep only the ones with Rooftop accuracy. But there are a lot of hotels in there and one or two with lower location accuracy may have gotten by.