45 Degrees to Zero Degrees- The most awaited journey

"If you have a heartbeat, there's still time for your dreams" - Sean Stephenson.
For those who don't know who Sean Stephenson is, he is an American Therapist and a self-help author. He is just three feet tall, has fragile bones and uses a wheelchair.

Anyways, this is my first write-up anywhere and wanted the team here to travel with me and guide me on my journey to fulfill my dream. As it was not possible for me to travel without the help I have been getting from this forum.

Since my first ride Delhi-Shimla-Delhi with my wife as a pillion, I have been addictive to BCMTouring. It was back in 2009 when I came across yogeshsarkar.com and I was amazed with the beautiful travel logs and information. Every time when I wanted to create account with BCMTouring I stop just because I am not a good writer nor a photographer. Only one thing in my mind what will I do here when I will not be useful for anyone. This time around when the plans made and the dream was about to come true this year, thought of creating an account atleast and prepare an itinerary with the fellow travelers here. So I did joined this beautiful world of yours just a month back and started reading everything for a Leh Ladakh journey.

It all started in a game of PUBG where we were playing as a squad I, Ankit, Baljeet and Ayush. All were killed in the game and I was the lone survivor of all four at Rozhok, prone at a terrace of a building with just 5 other members alive in the game. Out of nowhere Ankit exhort Leh Chale? I was like what? back in my mind I always wanted to go. I said I was in. Baljeet said he was in too. Generally full of beans attitude I stood up in the game only to get a head shot from AWM.

The plans and preparation started and dates were finalized keeping in mind the road from Leh to Manali may open until third week of June.

Talking about me my name is Manish Arora. I am from Jodhpur (Rajasthan) who was into travelling Himachal till 2014 and due to some reasons had to quit everything and simply focus on family and work. I have been to many parts of Himachal including Shimla, Manali, Chitkul, Dalhousie, Naddi. Being Naddi my favorite destination of all the time. I used to stay always at Hotel Victoriya Palace which is as per me best in terms of view of the mountain.

I am starting my journey on June 8th at 5 AM from Jodhpur. I will be leaving for Jaipur and will be accompanied by 5 friends who are coming from other cities and we have already booked the Tata Hexa for us from ZoomCars in Jaipur. Planning to park my car at a friends house and will start the journey from there. Earlier the plan was to stay for a day in Jaipur, meet old friends, party and leave the next morning on the 9th. But due to the heat 44-45 degrees temperature, we will not be staying at Jaipur for a long and leave the very same day around 12 PM. I have been driving a lot since many years, have done many round trips to different cities including Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Delhi, Amritsar and Patna being the longest journey so far. Along with me we all are good drivers and will take turns to drive. The plan is to drive as much as possible, beat the heat and the destination for a stop is not yet finalized.

I wanted to start this journey LIVE with the people here as I could not imagine the best way to thank each individual associated with BCMTouring. I will try to update day to day journey as I found it much easier than writing a travelogue, as I said I am not at all good in write-ups.

To be contd..


Leh Chale?

we have already booked the Tata Hexa for us from ZoomCars in Jaipur
I think you have already checked this point.

Attention Please !

In Ladakh you can take a hired / Rented vehicle from other territory to Leh and can come back.
But to move in Nubra Valley & Pangong Lake side, you have to hire Taxi from Leh.
Taxi Union has various Check Points in Ladakh at different places to check your papers.
They will not allow you to move on a Hired / Rented vehicle.

Edit :
You had checked this point already here:
Jodhpur to Leh
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As I said earlier,
You can make and put your daily schedule and actual progress here regularly whenever you get Internet.
We will wait for your reports.

I have seen many new comers as a common man and now are in Expert Category,
in writing, Photography, Exploring, communication, etc. etc.
Many have improved a lot.