5 days trip to Gujarat - Itinerary Suggestions Welcome!

Chetan Kulkarni

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My sister in law wants to do a 5 day trip road trip by car from Mumbai to Gujarat in the first week of June. It will be three of them (husband, wife and 3 year old kid)

Any recommendations on what can be done in this short span of time?

I was thinking of covering

Day 1: Mumbai - Vadodara
Day 2: Vadodara - Somnath
Day 3: Somnath - Dwarka
Day 4: Dwarka - Ahmedabad
Day 5: Ahmedabad - Mumbai

My knowledge of Gujarat is miniscule. Any recommendation is most welcome. Number of days is 5 maximum so feel free to remove/rejig the places


Gujrat would be too hot in June to venture out for a trip. Expect the temperature to touch 45'C at some places. Moreover 2nd day looks too tight to me. With a decent pace they'll be able to reach the temple and honestly I didn't find it that appealing too. May be its just me.


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First week of june could be a little tricky as if monsoon arrives on time Gir & Kutch would be almost out of bounds for tourists.

Keeping the above in mind I feel below should be a decent itinerary for a 5 day trip to Gujarat

Day 1 - Mumbai - Vadodara
Day 2 - Vadodara - Ahmedabad - Adalaj Vav - Akshardham Temple - Ambaji - Mt. Abu
Day 3 - Mt. Abu - Delwara Temple - Nakki Lake - Sunset Point - Mt. Abu
Day 4 - Mt. Abu - Vadodara
Day 5 - Vadodara - Mumbai

If they haven't been to Udaipur, I suggest to drop Abu and checkout Udaipur and surrounding like Kumbhalgarh, Chittorgarh etc.

Sachin Jatkar

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Hey Chetan

Unless they want to see anything specific in Vadodara I too would recommend pushing on to Ahmedabad on first day. Expressway will help them cover this distance in about 90 mins. They can take some rest and do Akshardham in the evening first day.

Day 3 travel to Somnath and do evening and/or next morning darshan.

2nd day they can move on to LRK (Zainabad/Dasada) which is about 2 hours from Ahmedabad and do evening safari and next morning safari and move to Somnath.

Day 4 travel to Dwarka. Dwarkadhish temple and around

Day 5 start back but will be difficult to travel all the way back so will have to halt at Vadodara perhaps


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3 hour journey from Ahmedabad near Patan is Rani ki Vav and Sun Temple, I think after Somnath these two are the most amazing things in Gujrat. However if someone stays in Ahmedabad its a whole day affair.

Chetan Kulkarni

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Thanks everyone for the inputs so far.

Based on the feedback I am going to recommend the below:
Day 1 - Mumbai - Ahmedabad
Day 2 - Adalaj Vav - Akshardham Temple - Sun Temple
Day 3 - Ahmedabad - Udaipur
Day 4 - Udaipur - Vadodara
Day 5 - Vadodara - Mumbai

This still seems hectic, especially for a three year old and a plan B may be

Day 1 - Mumbai - Ahmedabad
Day 2 - Adalaj Vav - Akshardham Temple - Sabarmati Ashram
Day 3 - Around Ahmedabad (LRK if accessible)
Day 4 - Around Ahmedabad
Day 5 - Ahmedabad - Mumbai

Will need to figure out places for day trips near Ahmedabad.

Rani ki Vav and Sun Temple is an option for one day as suggested by Anupam above. Any other recommendations?

Sachin Jatkar

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It will be very hectic. Udaipur is a beautiful city and to do justice you will need 2 full days which means 3 nights. They will not have that much time. Plan B will be less hectic. LRK is a chance that they can take if it doesn't rain. Else on day 4 they can come back to Vadodara and see the palace and EME temple. Day 5 drive back.