59 Passes - 10 Sept to 10 Oct 2022 - and Umling La


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Monsoons would be mainly behind us.
Western Disturbances would be still safely ahead of us.

So this plan has been on my mind for many years.
Finally it gonna take place

The TEAM is super -
Adhiraaj Singh - TEAM LEADER.
Capt Alok Chandola - ex army, has been ADC to 2 past Presidents of India.
Me - Ex IAF

Cannot disclose anything in advance.
The show will start on 10 Sept, in the morning, Wheels will roll around 8:30am. Flag off from National War Memorial at India Gate, Delhi,
and live updates here will also start on 10 Sept 2022

So hold your horses for just a few day.
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8 Days for the big event to launch from The War Memorial at India Gate on 10 Sept 2022.

The good news is that for the Flag off at 7am on 10 Sept 2022,
a bikers group has decided to escort us till Delhi Boarder,
a cycling group has also decided to send us off from India Gate.

Many army Veterans and a serving General are going to Flag us off also.

Most likely the media would also be there.


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