7th Photography Project || Theme: Long Exposure Photography


What makes camera more versatile than human eye? We can control the duration of exposure of camera sensor to light. This in turn can be used to achieve beautiful eye pleasing affects like Light trails, star trails, smooth waters, cloud movements, night photography and list is endless. Lets dedicate this thread to some long exposure shots.

What exposure time qualifies for long exposure?
Depends. anything north of 1/2 secs can be considered a long exposure. But this is not a stringent rule... use your discretion.

Equipment used:
Since ND/GND/CPL filter are an integral part of long exposure photography, it will be great if you can include exif + equipment details.

Duration of Project: 27 April - 31 May
Changing the duration to monthly as we are exhausting our topics quite fast ;)

There are no rules but some guidelines for posting image.
  • Idea behind the images
    It will be good to write down a few lines describing the feeling/idea/story behind the photo. Any details about planning the shoot will also be great.
  • Share the Equipment’s used and Exif data. Post Processing details.
  • Anyone can post image for review
    The idea of this project is to go out shooting and post recent images. However if you could not go out, feel free to post images from archive.
    Please be considerate while posting multiple images. Try to post your best image. There is no limit to number of image that can be posted by an individual.
  • Anyone can critique the image
    No one is an expert here. However few people are more experienced. Be straight forward in your critique. Be harsh if needed!
    Try to express what you liked about the image and what you did not like.
    Suggestion to improve the image will be welcome.
    Below parameters can be used to critique the images.
    1) Composition (Framing, photographic rules etc)
    2) Technicality (Use of Exposure, focus, Aperture, ISO etc)
  • Prizes
    The photographer will not get any prize but will gain GLORY!!!


Santosh Swaminathan
Both pics are hand held shot thats the reason for shake... Will try to improve going forward...


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@Sanswam : Can you check the metering mode of the camera used to click this image? I assume matrix metering should be an apt mode for such for a frame.
These kind of shots are a bit tricky.
If you use a longer exposure brightly lit object will be overexposed (as is the case here)
and if you use shorter duration of exposure, dimly lit objects will be underexposed.

One way to overcome such scenario is to click two images of same frames. (Or use bracketing) Expose one for brightly lit objects (like Big Ben) and other exposure for dimly lit objects (like the bridge) and manually blend images in photoshop.
Trust me, blending image in photoshop will not take more than 5 mins if you know what you want to do. This is same as creating an HDR but automated process really screws up the image, so I wont recommend that.

Alternatively if you have shot in RAW, you can try to reduce some highlights and increase some shadows to recover details.