8 on 8, a journey in Ladakh

Yogesh Sarkar

26th September 2016, Leh to Nubra Valley

I woke up early in the morning and started getting ready. Today was the day, I was to travel to one of my favorite places in Ladakh, Nubra Valley. Rigzin’s cousin, Sonam Angdus (+91-9469272773) was waiting for us in front of the guest house in his Xylo.

We eventually checked out of the Otsal Guest House after 9am, and then went to Gesmo Restaurant for breakfast. Once there, I ordered an Indian breakfast with ginger, lemon and honey tea. And it was delicious!


After having our fill, we went to the stadium, behind it was the oxygen shop (Ladakh Oxygen, 99066991393 & 9419178162). Sadly the shop was still closed, Sonam tried contacting the shop owners and eventually after 15mins or so, the owner arrived. Oxygen prices were quite steep, we rented a mid-sized oxygen cylinder for Rs. 1,500, which is supposed to last for half an hour.

After buying oxygen, it was time to drive towards the first pass of the trip, Khardung La.

Sun was shining bright and despite that, it was quite cold. We drove almost non-stop till a point where BRO was working on the road and waited there for around half an hour. Wait meant I could get out of the car, stretch my legs and take a photograph or two.


Here is a 171-second video of our journey from Leh to Khardung La, shot using SJCam SJ4000+.

Once at Khardung La, it was time to take a customary photo before heading towards Nubra Valley.


And then stopping en route once again, to take a photo along with snow.


Road to Khalsar Village is absolutely spectacular and we stopped numerous times for photography and at times, just to enjoy the view.





We reached Khalsar around 3pm and decided to have a light lunch there, before moving on to Panamik Village.

Once again the drive was fantastic and Neha and KP were spellbound by the beauty of Ladakh. And we even got to taste the Leh Berry, after picking it up from the side of the road.


Once at Panamik, we decided to stop at the hot spring, mainly due to the beautiful view it offers to its visitors.


After a short stay, we decided to head to Hunder Village for night stay. Since we had to start early in the morning tomorrow, and wished to visit Thoise Airfield, before leaving Nubra Valley.

In a way, we were chasing sunlight. I wanted to be at the small pond/stream before Diskit Village to get some beautiful reflection photographs of that place. Plus Neha wasn’t feeling that well. So we decided to make a run for it. And we weren’t the only one running, so was this horse around Sumur.


We eventually reached the point as the sun went down behind the mountains, leaving its rays to illuminate the mountain tops.


Neha and KP decided to do a bit of exploration, while I got busy with long exposure photography.


Half an hour later, it was time to take one last 30-second exposure of the mountains and their reflection.


And then it was time to hop into the Xylo and head towards Hunder Village. Once there, we went straight to the Habib Guest House.

While I recognized Rehman bhai the moment I saw him, he didn’t. Then again, we had met only once in 2014, when I had stayed here.

We got a four-bed room and when we were taking out the luggage from the taxi, I formally introduced myself to Rehman bhai. After that, he apologized repeatedly for not recognizing me and offered to open a separate room for me, at no extra charge! Something I declined politely.

The evening was spent chatting with Neha and KP, followed by a delicious dinner made by Rehman bhai and his wife.

Now it was time to hit the bed, we had a long day ahead of us tomorrow.

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