8 Passes + Cliff Hanger Road Trip


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How did it all start, that is always a big question,
Kiki Mathawan and me had been talking about a trip for some time, rather months.
Then one day he called me as asked me what am i doing, as usual my standard answer, nothing.
He said, Sir why don't you come over after flying on your way back, lets have coffee.
I knew something was brewing, cause our planned trip to Kashmir for a week to 10 days had got cancelled,
and this was definitely not going to be a Kashmir trip discussion.

On Sunday around 10am he made that call, i had just finished flying and told him i would be with him in 30min.
And who do i find at Kiki's place, Master Ji, Narender Kumar Gautam. Amazing.
And the discussion started, actually not a discussion, he had a huge map open in front of him,
and we all sat down around it and stared at it for some some time,
cause none of us, at least me, had not seen such a map ever before.

Narender however, is a Scooter Man,
so he was clear that he was going to do it by himself, on his loving Scooter,
Kiki and me would head out in the Fortuner.
Narender however, followed a few days behind when the week end holidays come up.

We were planning for a 10 Passes road trip, and was to be done without entering Kashmir or Ladakh,
Finally we could manage only 8 Passes, and so the title "8 Passes Road Trip"

Basically this is what we eventually and actually did, just to give you a prelude to the whole story.

30 May 2019 Gurgaon to Dalhousie.
31 May Chattargala Pass, Padri Pass, Dalhousie
01 Jun Padri, Kishtwar,
02 Jun Sinthan Pass, Kishtwar
03 Jun Killar
04 Jun Keylong
05 Jun Shingo La, Baralacha La, Rohtang Pass, Manali.
06 Jun Tirthan, Jalori Pass
07 Jun Kotkhai
08 Jun Chanshal Pass
09 Jun Nahan
10 Jun back to Gurgaon, via a Forest, Col Sher Jung National Park,

I was all fired up, we fixed the date for dep on 30 May 2019, with no end date.
Route was broadly worked out.
For my convenience we decided i would sleep over at Kiki's home in Gurgaon on 29 May 19,
as then we can head out via WEP and not worry about traffic lights through Delhi.

I got back, and i started my packing. BUT, what about telling wife,
so i waited for night, while watching TV, gradually i broke the news.
Well, all went well. I slept on the bed and not on the ground.

So let me start the story from the Start, as i was parking at Kiki's house on the Sunday for discussion,
who do i see pulling up in his car near Kiki's house, Narender. So we walked up to the house together,
and here we are before i rang the door bell to Kiki's home.

we walked
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Since the passes had just opened, i keep debating whether to load up Snow Chains and Snow Cables for the trip. one never knows if suddenly a Snow Storm comes up,
I normally plan and chase Snow Storms, but i did not want suddenly a Snow Storm chasing me hahaha.

So the Snow Chains and Snow Cables were loaded.
Snow Chains are for Rear Wheels,
Snow Cables are for Front Wheels,
Front wheels even in SUVs have very little clearance, so the Snow Cables.